Jurassic World Evolution: The Most Important Buildings To Upgrade First

Monday, February 15, 2021

If you're looking to run the best park imaginable in Jurassic World Evolution, these are the buildings and upgrades you should prioritize.

For anyone that has ever said they could have run Jurrasic Park better, there's now a chance to put some money where that mouth is! Jurassic World Evolution is an extraordinary simulation game where players can build their own prehistoric theme parks. With the Nintendo Switch port even coming with all the DLC packs included, there's never been a better time to try out the game.

There are a lot of building that players can make across Las Cinco Muertes and Isla Nebula in the game. There are a lot of upgrades possible and it can be difficult to decide which buildings and which upgrades should be chosen first. Not all of them are created equal and some certainly deserve a bit more priority.

7 - Hammond Labs

As soon as physically possible, every single player should upgrade the Success Rate. There's no point in speeding up incubation if the chances that dinosaurs won't even be viable is low after all! It's by far the most important thing for all players to do.

Once that is upgraded, players should begin to upgrade their Hatchery Capacity. Even if incubation times are a bit slower, if there's enough room for eggs, it can make up for that time lost. Plus, it's such an inexpensive upgrade that only needs to be done once compared to other upgrades at Hammond Labs.

6 - Power Plant

Seeing as how all other upgrades to buildings increase power consumption, it's vital to make sure that power plants are running strong. It doesn't matter if it's a basic power plant or a geothermal power plant — no one wants the electric fences to go down.

The two best upgrades that are vital to make right away are for Reduced Upkeep and Outage Protection. The Outage Protection upgrade is likely a bit obvious as, without power, the park can fall into chaos quite quickly. The reason that Reduced Upkeep is better to upgrade first instead of Improved Production is that keeping production cheaper allows more power plants to be built in general.

5 - Ranger Station

The Ranger Station is an important part of a lot of maintenance involved at whichever island the player is building on. Especially since at the start of the game each Ranger Station only has one jeep, it's incredibly important to make sure that the Ranger Team Scheduling upgrade is gotten early so more tasks can be assigned.

While it's not a normal upgrade, it's worth playing through the campaign of the game as it eventually unlocks the ability to have three Jeeps running from a Ranger Station at any given time.

4 - Fossil Center

Without the Fossil Center would we even have Mr. DNA? Players can collect all of the fossils they'd like, but if their Fossil Center isn't running at maximum efficiency, they won't be getting new dinosaurs any time soon.

There are only two upgrades to choose from, and it depends on how players have upgraded other builds as to which they should get first. If they upgraded their Expedition Center early, they should make sure they have higher inventory space to keep up with the fossils being brought back. If not, Extraction Speed is the more important upgrade to choose.

3 - Research Center

Without the Research Center, players won't be able to get their hands on all the new dinosaurs they want to unlock. Bringing Research Cost down is a major priority to try and help keep costs low. It's worth doing more than increasing speed, as there's no point in going fast if there's not enough money to spend on the project!

From there, players should make sure that Research Team Bravo and Research Team Charlie are added as quickly as possible. To unlock Research Team Bravo so it's available, players must complete the Science Division mission on Isla Muerta. To unlock Research Team Charlie, players must build three research centers on various islands.

2 - ACU Center

The Active Containment Unit is absolutely vital to make sure dinosaurs are not only kept under control but protected from various diseases that could kill their populations. Players have the option of manually controlling the helicopter that flies out of the ACU Center or allowing it to do tasks automatically, and with the right upgrades, they can choose to do the latter more often.

The number one thing to update here is the ACU Scheduling upgrade. Being able to have an additional task given to teams is incredibly helpful in keeping park efficiency at its highest.

1 - Expedition Center

Since only one Expedition Center can be built on each island, it's important to use them all to the best of their ability. The first thing all players should upgrade on the Expedition Center is the Dig Speed. Yield Results is a tempting upgrade, but if players manage to keep digs going regularly, the time increase is a better choice overall for efficiency.

One of the best ways to find new fossils is to then make sure both Dig Team Bravo and Dig Team Charlie are also added on right away. The more crews out hunting for new fossils, the better chance there will be of bringing home something for the player to use.

Source: https://gamerant.com/