Jurassic World Evolution: How to Get a 5 Star Park Rating

Monday, April 12, 2021

A guide explaining how to get a 5-star park rating in Jurassic World: Evolution. It goes over things like visitor satisfaction and dinosaur ratings.

Serving as a dinosaur-themed zoo tycoon, Jurassic World Evolution allows players to create and manage their own prehistoric theme parks. They can clone dinosaurs, engage in gene manipulation, build enclosures, and drive ranger vehicles as they attempt to make Hammond’s Jurassic Park dream a reality.

Cloning dinosaurs and manipulating their genes is something every player will get into, it’s practically the main feature of the Jurassic Park series as a whole. But what will be a bit more difficult to accomplish is getting each park a 5-star rating. It requires players to create an optimized balance of entertainment, capacity, safety, and shopping ability within each island within the archipelago. But how do players achieve that?

Dinosaur Diversity And Visibility In Jurassic World Evolution

As any player can guess, dinosaurs serve as the park’s main money-maker and visitor attraction. But getting a high dinosaur rating is actually fairly simple. Have a variety of dinosaurs on the islands, ensure they are well taken care of, add genetic modifications, and continue trying to breed dinosaurs with a 100% complete genome.

If the player is having difficulty raising this rating or is dealing with a small island like Isla Pena, players can try increasing a dinosaur’s combat infamy by encouraging fights or dinosaur predation. It will likely result in a dinosaur getting injured or dying, but people really like it when a dinosaur has a reputation for violence. But creating dinosaurs for that purpose can be expensive. In which case, players can try getting a scenery bonus by building scenery items like fancy trees and shrubs. Provided that dinosaurs are near said scenery, this should give the dinosaur rating a bit of a boost.

Just as important is dinosaur visibility. When an enclosure is being created, always ensure to build a viewing gallery or two. Preferably with a feeding station placed in its sight range to encourage dinosaur visibility. It is also advised to leave room around the enclosure in the event players want to add gyro sphere stations to the enclosure later on in the game.

Emergency Shelters And Storm Defense Centers In Jurassic World Evolution

If creating dinosaurs is considered the park’s main money-maker, consider safety shelters and storm centers as the park’s main money-savers. Their main purpose is to limit the amount of money lost on things like property damage from tropical storms and lawsuits from dinosaur attacks that the player may or may not have initiated.

But the main building that affects the park’s rating are the emergency shelters. These shelters are imperative for a high safety rating, so players should always try to ensure that there are enough shelters on the island to give the island a 95% evacuation range. Players can see this safety coverage by going into management view and selecting the appropriate overlay.

Visitor Transport And Housing In Jurassic World Evolution

Another aspect of increasing a park’s rating is increasing the number of visitors that can enter the park and ensuring they are able to traverse the park with relative ease. In simple terms, this means players need to build two things: hotels and a monorail. These buildings will increase a park’s visitor capacity and transport rating respectively.

The amount of hotels a player should build varies depending on the island, but having 2-4 tends to be a healthy number. These hotels should be located close to an enclosure, restrooms, and a few shopping buildings to increase visitor satisfaction.

The monorail is relatively easier to implement. So long as the player ensures that there is a monorail station near the entrance to the park, all players really need to do is ensure that the monorail is able to take stops to other popular sections of the park. But it should also be noted that monorails can also increase visitor satisfaction rating. How? Well, those monorails allow visitors to get a decent view of areas around the monorail while it is in transit. Meaning that if the player is clever about it and lays the rails through dinosaur enclosures, they can boost the park’s dinosaur visibility rating.

Visitor Food And Shopping In Jurassic World Evolution

This is admittedly one of the more boring aspects of park management, but it has to be done. Shop building and inventory management. The park’s visitor satisfaction rating is based on several variables, including dinosaur visibility and restroom rating. But it also includes variables like the food, drink, fun, and shopping rating.

To increase these ratings, build the appropriate buildings close to popular dinosaur enclosures and hotels. Players can determine the amount of demand for each category by selecting the appropriate option in management view. Players can also determine how much a building will affect a given rating by looking at a building's facility rating stats.

Once a player feels like they have constructed enough buildings, it is now time to micromanage the shop’s inventory and personnel. After all, optimizing ratings is not just about having a lot of patrons. It’s about ensuring that visitors are able to buy what they want to buy—even if that something is of a higher price range.

When a shop is selected, players will find that they have the ability to change what the shop sells, the number of employees, management focus, etc. It will require a bit of finagling and experimenting, but there should be a combination where visitors can get quality goods and services for the maximum amount of park profit. When making these changes, players should constantly be checking the management view to ensure that all consumer demands are being met.

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