Jurassic World Evolution: 7 Craziest Dinosaur Mods

Monday, February 15, 2021

Jurassic World Evolution's modding community is still thriving, creating some truly amazing mods. Here are some of the craziest for dinosaurs.

While this game is a business simulation, Jurassic World Evolution revolves around the kind of dinosaur you can bring to the park, slowly unlocking the best of the best. There comes a point when players have gotten as far as the road will take them, creating a need for mods to take it to the next level.

While the community leans toward making the dinosaurs more and more realistic as more information is found, some fans have taken it into their own hands to make some wild creations. Ranging from movie cameos all the way to coliseum battles, Jurassic World Evolution has become a chaotic attraction.

7 - Demon Spinosaurus

The Spinosaurus is already an iconic dinosaur for its role in the third movie, pushing the T-Rex out of the way as the most intimidating creature on the island. Though, in this game, it's actually a little more tolerable to creatures that it can't eat and will coexist with others of its kind.

The Demon Spinosaurus mod from user cyborgxeno on Nexus Mods takes that more relaxed nature and twists it back into the terrifying creature we all know and remember. It makes its features more spiked and gives it a much more intimidating color pattern. The mod even adds two little horns to its head, living up to the Demon look its named after.

6 - Bring Monster Island To Jurassic World

One of the wildest dinosaur mods in the game takes the king of all monsters and puts him in amongst all the other creatures of Jurassic World. Godzilla 1998, by Nexus Mods user TheTohoSociety, introduces the polarizing beast from the 1998 film, which stands out not only for its crazy spikes but massive jaw too.

Additionally, the Skull Island Monster Pack, from Nexus Mods user sweetener, introduces a plethora of beasts from Peter Jackson's King Kong film. The list includes noteworthy favorites such as the V-Rex and Venatasaurus, as well as a few that didn't make it into the final film.

Importing one of the most famous creatures in the cinematic world, Godzilla, into the game was smart move that created a lot of attention for fans, putting a distinct feature on any player's park.

5 - The Woolly Rhino

Everyone's heard of the woolly mammoth, but there's another great mammalian beast that once roamed the earth. Nexus Mods user, SiakaD, introduces the Woolly Rhino mod to Jurassic World. Adding an extra big horn to the tip of it's snout for intimidation, this creature is a force to be reckoned with. Showing up as an epic creature, it's a nice change from the usual reptiles you see roaming the island.

Though they're a lot shorter than most of the creatures, the impressive weapons attached to their face make up for the stout frame. Besides those at the top of the food chain, most dinosaurs are going to have a problem if they try to take on the powerful mammal.

4 - The Famous "Big Al"

Fans of the Walking With Dinosaurs series will rejoice when they see a replica of the famous Allosaurus, live in action. From Nexus Mods user, NikoRex, comes the first dinosaur of the famous series to get a name and storyline. Big Al, as both the dinosaur and mod are known, has gone down in pop culture history as a legend and can now be placed in Jurassic World.

While it doesn't have any different behavior from the other Allosauruses, it's a call back to the show that inspired a lot of fans' interest in the first place. Replacing the usual scientific accuracy with nostalgia is a nice change of pace in a game that revolves around the details to stand out

3 - The Sinister Excavaraptor

A dinosaur that we never got to see on the big screen, the Excavaraptor is a creation that was unused and left on the pages of the Jurassic Park 4 script. Now players get to throw it in the mix and see where it stacks up against the rest of the roster, thanks to Nexus Mods user, SiakaD.

Not only does it have one of the most unique dinosaur designs seen so far, it also poses a much bigger threat than its small frame would suggest. It keeps the bird-like feathers of the JP3 velociraptors and combines them with the frightening snarl that Jurassic Park fans know all too well.

2 - Add Wild Dimorphodons To Your Island

While it's not a big, menacing apex predator, the Dimorphodon doesn't exactly give off a friendly vibe. Replacing the parrots that usually fly around the island, this mod, by Nexus Mods user DigitalDuckModeling, will make the game a more daunting place. Taking away one of the only peaceful animals that inhabit the island is definitely a bold move, one that brings the park closer to the old days when Compys freely roamed the island. Well, at least they did in the book.

1 - Deinosuchus, The Great Crocodilian

We have crocodiles in the world of today, but nothing like this. Deinosuchus was one of the biggest predators to roam the earth, brought to Jurassic World by Nexus Mods user Putito777. The Deinosuchus makes a waters edge a lot more daunting to the smaller dinosaurs looking to get a drink, creating a big threat from a familiar face.

Almost doubling the length of today's reptiles, this giant will spice things up and make the already dangerous landscape even more volatile. Things don't look too much better when they get on land, covering distance quickly with a bad attitude.

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