Jurassic World Evolution: 10 Best Mods That Change The Game

Friday, May 7, 2021

Jurassic World Evolution lets players build and run their very own Jurassic Park. But if that ever starts to get old, these mods help shake things up.

Those in the PC gaming crowd know that mods are an integral part of a game's longevity. If a particular title has a passionate fan base and room for expansion, a plethora of mods will emerge. These not only show off people's creativity, but they can potentially lengthen the title's life cycle. Some mods are purely aesthetic; however, others can completely change how players view and experience the game.

The latter is largely the case with Jurassic World: Evolution. This tycoon sim has attracted contributions from countless fans. Whether they alter the facilities, environments, or animals themselves, the mods here will make players marvel at the passion (and mental state) of devoted players.

10 - Indestructible Fence

Gamers and movie viewers alike know that a recurring issue with these dinosaur them parks is the fences. No matter their size or how electrified they are, the animals always bust out of their pen.

Thanks to mods, that's no longer a problem. These new fences must be made of adamantium; they stand up to the toughest attacks without a scratch. Granted, players will still need to deal with whatever's stressing the dinosaur out, but at least they can do it within the safety of the enclosure. Fixing the fence, containing the creatures, and protecting the people are all things of the past. Unless players use the plethora of cheats, it's the closest the game comes to a God Mode.

9 - Additional Hybrids

Players can already create some crazy combos with the dinosaur genomes. The Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC is instrumental in that, which couldn't be more appropriate. That said, it's still no match for people's demented imagination.

Modders have made several new dinos. Some of them are simply regular species not included in the base game, but others are horrifying hybrids that make Dr. Wu's look tame by comparison. Excavaraptor and Inspinedoraptor are just a couple of examples. If this is really how to "play God," why not go all the way?

8 - Prehistoric Mammals

After the dinosaurs and other giant reptiles died out, mammals inherited the Earth. Furry creatures such as Elasmotherium (woolly rhinos), Mastodons (woolly mammoths), and Smilodons (saber-toothed cats) dominated the post-dinosaur world.

Most of these creatures were just as spectacular as the giant lizards that came before. On these grounds alone, not including them does a huge disservice to any prehistoric park. The game wants to recreate the animal kingdom of yesteryear. Why not strive to cover as many previous eras as possible?

7 - Deinosuchus, The Ancestor Of Crocodiles

Though technically not dinosaurs, sea animals were a prominent presence in prehistory. The Mosasaurus was one of the most popular parts of Jurassic World, but ocean-dwellers are absent from the base game. Omitting this corner of the animal kingdom is a missed opportunity.

A great step would be a reptile of both land and sea. Measuring 40-50 feet long, Deinosuchus was a colossal crocodilian capable of preying on dinosaurs. The fact that it can stay on land gives it an advantage over other marine predators. Breeding this monster could shift the entire food chain of the park. Indominus rex, eat your heart out. There's a new top dog to wow audiences.

6 - Feathered Raptors

It's now widely accepted that raptors were "birds of prey" in every sense, possessing an array of feathers across their bodies. The films and, by extension, games have gone for the more traditional, reptilian approach. The only deviation came in Jurassic Park III, where the raptors boasted a few quills.

The modding community took this further. Now, the Velociraptors are adorned with feathers, echoing how they likely looked in real life. Sensationalism obviously plays a huge role in Jurassic World, but a little authenticity goes a long way.

5 - Let It Snow...In The Tropics?

Considering the tropical location of Los Cincos Muertes, a cold climate doesn't make much sense. However, winter still occurred during prehistoric times. Whether they were warm or cold-blooded, dinosaurs had to survive the changing seasons. Let them do what all animals do and bear it, if for no other reason than authenticity.

Even on an aesthetic level, the snowy environments are a welcome change of pace. Gamers can only look at so many green island locales before the novelty wears off. Splash a wintery mix in there to transport audiences to another corner of the Jurassic World.

4 - Arthropleura, A Colossal Creepy-Crawly

Before giant lizards, there were giant bugs. The Paleozoic Era was home to countless strange creatures, and many of them were creepy-crawlies of considerable size. One of these was a millipede several feet long.

Much like with the prehistoric mammals, it's only fair for Jurassic World to represent lifeforms of this period. Sure, it'll freak out more people than even the most bloodthirsty dinosaur, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for this title. If anything, it might keep the kids coming back. The more the creatures scare them, the more enticing the attraction is.

3 - Godzilla, King Of The Dinos

With all the creatures cooked up in the modding community, it was only a matter of time before they started emulating famous movie monsters. One includes the mightiest cinematic colossus of all: Godzilla.

For any Godzilla purists out there who lambast the "giant iguana" look from 1998, don't worry. This version redeemed himself as a formidable force of nature and ingenuity in the animated show. That likely holds true here, since the mod used the Indominus rex as a template. With a foundation like that, no land predator is going to mess with the King of the Monsters.

2 - Walking With Dinosaurs In Tasmania

It's safe to say that many of this game's players are dinosaur lovers. A number of them have probably seen their share of documentaries on the subject. Walking with Dinosaurs is among the more acclaimed miniseries about the prehistoric planet, and the jungles of Tasmania served as a prominent filming location.

Making the islands resemble these woods would not only vary up the environments, but it would also let these niche audiences feel like they're contributing to their own version of the show. It'd be even more attractive for those using the game's Photo Mode, possibly spawning more mods.

1 - Operation Genesis

This game is hardly the first dinosaur sim or tycoon builder. It's not even the first one with the Jurassic Park brand. Within this genre, longtime fans gravitate toward Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

This title had similar mechanics of breeding dinosaurs, building a park, and maintaining customer satisfaction. Since it came out after the third movie, it didn't have the newer creatures and facilities of Evolution, but that didn't stop gamers from comparing the two. With this mod, players can make those comparisons even more blatant by styling paths and buildings like the old game. All the nostalgic John Hammond wannabes of the world can party like it's 2004.

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