Jurassic World Denies Involvement With Giant Lizard Running Wild in Thai Supermarket

Friday, April 9, 2021

Jurassic World social media account joked that they did not claim responsibility for this lizard’s behaviour in a Thai shop (Facebook)

The Jurassic World film franchise have tried to absolve itself for any blame for their rowdy lizard cousin, who in footage that emerged yesterday, ravaged a shop.

Comparisons between the intruding Asian Water Monitor Lizard were also made to Godzilla were made after it tore up a display in a Thai supermarket, climbing up shelves and causing boxes to tumble down.

It appears that it was looking for a resting spot, as when at the summit of the shelving unit, the lizard made itself comfortable. His conduct stressed his fellow shoppers, who are heard screaming in the background.

The video was first shared yesterday morning, since then the travel agent Mundo Namoda deleted their tweet, but before it did it gathered over 77,000 views and 3000 retweets.

Jurassic World, who might have been worried about reputational damage, even though the behaviour of one reptile should not mare all reptiles, especially extinct ones from beloved film franchises.

On their Twitter account, they shared the video, which was reposted by another user, with the comment that it “wasn’t us.”

Guess we’ll never know where this lad came from.

Source: www.indy100.com/