Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: 10 Things Only Fans Of The Movies Notice

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is out on Netflix, and the show makes many references to the movies that only diehard fans will notice.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, which started 2021 by releasing its second season on Netflix, isn't just a show for kids. It's got some seriously tense moments and terrifying rampaging dinosaurs that would make even most adults wet their pants if they met them in real life. Still, these capable kids manage to make their way through the park and survive many perils.

The show has a lot to offer fans of the films with plenty of nods towards the past of the series. There are lots of these to spot, but only those who religiously watch the movies will be able to catch them all.

10 - Blue's Multiple Cameos

Always a helpful velociraptor, Blue is the oldest member of her pack which includes Delta, Echo, and Charlie. She is likely Owen Grady's favorite raptor as she imprinted on him at birth.

Blue can be spotted several times making cameos in the animated show. It's a shame she doesn't interact with the campers more as she's known to rather like humans, but perhaps Blue will have a larger showing in season 3.

9 - Return Of The Ceratosaurus

A specific dinosaur made its way back to the series for the first time since it had a minor showing in Jurassic Park 3. Fans might have spotted the Ceratosaurus making small appearances in a variety of episodes.

The fact that this particularly popular dino always only seems to barely be seen in the series is something only the truest fans will recognize.

8 - Zach And Grey's Gyrosphere

In Jurassic World, Zack and Grey take a tour to see some of the amazing dinosaurs on the island using a gyrosphere. They eventually encounter the Indominus Rex and crash, being forced to abandon the vehicle to try and escape unscathed.

In the show, the kids also get to take out gyrospheres but end up separated from the group. They eventually encounter the same crashed gyrosphere that Zack and Grey had been using. It's a cool nod to the film and how the events of the animated series coincide with the live-action movies.

7 - The Quaking Footprint

Every single episode of Camp Cretaceous shows a dinosaur footprint in the mud that starts to ripple from heavy dinosaur footsteps. This is an iconic callback to the very first movie in the Jurassic Park series. It's a wonderful reference that will leave fans of the films smiling from nostalgia.

6 - The Return Of Mr. DNA

Mr. DNA was a creation of InGen to help explain the process of how dinosaurs were brought back to life in the park. Seeing this animated friend explain that process has been a part of the series since the first film so fans would be excited to see him return in the animated series.

Mr. DNA is the mascot of the game Darius won to be invited to the camp, and he even has a poster with Mr. DNA on his wall. The idea that Mr. DNA has become a full-on mascot with merchandise is beyond fun and it's cool to see him making a return to the franchise.

5 - The Jurassic Lagoon

Whale shows might be entertaining but seeing a massive dinosaur eat children alive might be a bit too much. Darius and the gang end up in the Jurassic Lagoon after the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

The Mosasaurus that is seen in Jurassic World still lurks beneath the surface and shoots up to try and devour the kids. It is not clear how it kept getting food all this time, but it's certainly a cool callback to the movies.

4 - The Raptor Resonating Chamber

In Jurassic Park 3, Dr. Alan Grant uses the resonator of a dead raptor to save himself when he is surrounded by a group of genetically altered raptors. The idea was to show the raptors that he wasn't prey, and while that is a scientifically dubious idea, it certainly worked in the film.

In the game, Darius uses a resonator to a similar effect. Taking down a T-Rex is no easy task, but calling for raptor reinforcements certainly makes that easier. Good job Darius for having the ingenuity of an adult with a doctorate.

3 - Sammy's Hawaiian Shirt

When Sammy Gutierrez was revealed to be a spy out to steal InGen's research for a rival company named Manta Corp, a ton of puzzle pieces fell into place.

Sammy not only acts just like Denis Nedry from the original film but she even sports a similar Hawaiian shirt he's seen wearing in the movie. This tiny easter egg is hard to spot but amazing when it's finally noticed.

2 - Why No One Can Get A Hold Of Claire Dearing

At one point during the show, Roxie and Dave head towards the south side of the island to talk to Claire Dearing, head of park operations. They want to talk to her about the issues happening at Camp Cretaceous but are unable to reach her.

This is because, at that point in time during the Jurassic World movies, Claire is lost on the south side of the island with Owen. It's impressive that the animated series was able to so perfectly work the events of the movies into the show without major continuity errors.

1 - Dr. Alan Grant's "Cameos"

Before Darius even gets to the island, the series is already referencing one of the most famous characters in the entire franchise. He shows his dad Dr. Alan Grant's blog and discusses how it's constantly getting updates about dinosaur behavior.

Darius even namedrops the doctor a second time in the show, showing that the young boy really looks up to Dr. Grant as a role model for his love of dinosaurs.

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