Jurassic World 3 is Already Being Planned Says Director Colin Trevorrow

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Well it’s about time a movie director is having some foresight and giving fans of the Jurassic Park franchise reason to have something to look forward to. Director Colin Trevorrow who is working on the second installment of Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is reported to be setting the end of the movie to transition into the third part of the trilogy. Previous movies in the franchise were more like individual episodes, each having its own linear, beginning to end, storyline. Treverrow sees more of a long term future for the trilogy and its fans.

In the projected third movie in the trilogy, it would likely be the end of the Jurassic Park franchise. The original Jurassic Park movie actress Laura Dern, has already said she definitely wants to be in the grand finale. She would be 53 or so when production would begin, which means that finding a significant role for her would be problematic. At this point it would seem the best she could hope for would to be added in a small role. Dern would like to forget Jurassic Park 3, which was pretty close to an epic fail.

There are also rumors that Sam O’Neill wants to return for the finale as well, which is a problem of a different sort. The original was done in 1993, making people who were the original fans of the movie mostly in the over-40 demographic. When the first installment of Jurassic World was initially released, the average age of the box office buyer was about 38. After the first 5 days that number dropped closer to 35. In other words, the original fans were uninspired to go after the Jurassic Park 3 disaster that had one movie critic writing, “A clumsy, and poorly written farce with irritating characters I prayed for imminent death to arrive to.” O’Neill and Dern were both present in the mess. Did I mention O’Neill is over 70 now?

Why O’Neill and Dern fail to realize their time is past is probably because their egos won’t allow for the possibility. They were great in Jurassic Park  but the franchise having been episodic, maybe they should have met their demise at the beginning of Jurassic Park 2. Dern said in an interview about wanting in on the Jurassic World finale, “If you guys make a last one, you gotta let Ellie Sattler come back.”

Uh, no, we don’t. The numbers show that there is about as much interest in your originals fans wanting to see you as there is of the original Top Gun fans wanting to see Kelly Mc Gillis return in the reboot. Maybe Dern was trying to get some media attention other than her romance with Baron Davis.

The obvious reality is that this run of Jurassic World is for the younger audiences. It is doubtful anyone wants to see a couple of 50 year olds (remember, they were an item in the first Jurassic Park) hanging around and likely detracting from the storyline to perform an “Auld Lang Syne” number. It could be suggested that the writers borrow a scene from Star Trek Beyond where Spock was shown a picture of the TOS Star Trek crew to memorialize the old franchise. It lasted about 20 seconds. It’s actually easier to fit in the memorial given the fact that the theme of the Jurassic Park franchise is dinosaurs.

Source: tvovermind.com