Jurassic World 2: Is THIS the first look of T-Rex Rexy in Fallen Kingdom?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Jurassic World 2: Is THIS the first look of T-Rex Rexy in Fallen Kingdom?

The franchise fans may see their favourite Rexy in captivity through the upcoming Jurassic World sequel.

Jurassic World 2, the upcoming science fiction adventure film titled Fallen Kingdom, makes the franchise fans excited about the return of two of their favourite characters, Dr Ian Malcolm and the Tyrannosaurus rex, popularly known as Rexy.

So, when any new updates on the two characters make its way online, it captures the fans attention. Recently, Mattel shared new information about their upcoming toy line for the new Jurassic Park sequel. It teases the new look of Rexy.

The toy line is currently being exhibited to the retail and license partners. Several behind-the-scene images and making details of the new products have been shared online by Fortune. One of the photos features a clear picture of the fan favourite T. rex head.

“Right away the sculpt is clearly Jurassic, with a nice attention to detail when it comes to form factor. The skull and muscular structure looks dead on. This individual prototype seems to be lacking the finer levels of skin and scale detail, and at this time, it remains unclear if the final item will evolve in those regards. While there’s room for improvement with the aforementioned fine detail, the sculpt shape is the best the franchise has ever seen – especially the teeth, which are surprisingly perfect,” stated a fan site called Jurassic Outpost.

Meanwhile, another fan site called Jurassic World 2 movie shared details on leaked photos of animatronic Rexy in Fallen Kingdom. According to the website, the images have major spoilers on the upcoming movie.

“The images show Rexy laying down in a cage, much like the one featured in The Lost World: Jurassic Park which housed a sedated bull Tyrannosaurus rex for transport to the mainland. Of course this could just be the structure used to transport the massive set piece, but we’re willing to bet we’ll see Rexy in captivity once again in the Jurassic World sequel,” stated the online portal.