Jurassic World’s Five Best Scenes

Saturday, January 6, 2018

This dinosaur mayhem provided some epic moments on screen, 65 million years in the making.

And much like the scientists who created Jurassic World‘s new man-eater, we’ve created our list of the five best scenes from the film. Be warned, this does mean complete spoilers for Jurassic World if you haven’t seen it yet!

Ankylosaurus Vs. I-Rex


As much as I wish we could have seen the Triceratops go head to head with the I-Rex, the Ankylosaurus put up a good fight. Their built in armor and club-tail only fended off the far superior I-Rex for a little while but watching dinos do battle is always a good time.

Waterfall Jump


After an awesome fight with a pair of Ankylosaurus, the genetically modified Indominus Rex turned it’s attention to Gray and Zach in their gyrosphere. Once they were forced to get on foot, they came to a waterfall dead-end with a hungry, angry dinosaur quickly approaching. When the two jumped, narrowly avoiding the killer jaws of the I-Rex, it was the most heart-stopping moment of the entire movie – especially in 3D.

Owen Rides With Raptors


Chris Pratt is so damn cool. I mean, first of he’s Star-Lordin the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now he’s a part of one of the most historic film franchise’s in history – riding a motorcycle with velociraptors, nonetheless. Owen’s relationship with the raptors was great. It was the most important relationship in Jurassic World and Pratt riding alongside them can only be summed up in one word – awesome. Or…epic, phenomenal, sweet, cool… So, I guess a bunch of words.

Claire Unleashes The T-Rex


Much like in Jurassic Park, humans used a flair to attract the T-Rex. Any throwback to Park was warmly welcomed, but Claire needed a heroic moment. In a film loaded with not particularly likable characters, Claire fell into the category of not really caring for her. Then, she unleashed the king of the dinosaurs to start the most epic dinosaur battle of all time. Leading the T-Rex to the I-Rex was bold, brave move. Bravo, Claire. Bravo.

Mosasaurus Eats I-Rex


The moment that had the whole theater in applause. As soon as the I-Rex was backed up to the water by the T-Rex and last living raptor, we knew it was coming, but watching it was fantastic. The Mosasaurus, one of the biggest dinosaurs, popped up out of the water and put the I-Rex in it’s place! One could almost feel bad for the I-Rex with how little of a chance it stood against the underwater beast – but then they remember what it did to all the brontosaurus and those cute, yet ferocious ankylosauruses.

Which scene from Jurassic World was your favorite? Did they live up to the standard created in Jurassic Park? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: www.comicbook.com/2015