Jurassic Park & World: Every Dinosaur Fight In The Franchise, Ranked

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Throughout both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, fans experience a multitude of violent and fun dinosaur fights. Here are some of the best.

The excitement of watching powerful dinosaurs create havoc in the Jurassic Park films is an experience that moviegoers have loved for decades. The thrill of watching people flee in terror from a charging T-Rex or a lunging Velociraptor is hard to match, let alone beat. This is why the films' creators have regularly decided to up the ante by having the powerful beasts take on each other in ferocious battles.

In every Jurassic Park film, there has been at least one fight between two or more dinosaurs. These sequences are often the high points of the action in the films, and they also display the special effects teams' ability to offer audiences an incomparable experience.

7 - Velociraptor Vs. Velociraptor

Though it was brief, the in-fighting between two raptors in The Lost World added additional tension to an already gripping escape scene. At one point during the human's attempt to evade the pursuing raptors, one human character and one raptor fell off of the roof of a building, resulting in the raptor landing on top of a member of its pack. It was an accident, but that did not stop the raptor who was hit from being annoyed at the other raptor. The anger led to both raptors having it out as the human took their chance to escape.

A fight between two raptors is exciting in concept, but in execution, it was ultimately a letdown. Most of the fight was not shown. Its real purpose was to create a convenient way for the main characters to escape the situation, which would have otherwise resulted in them being killed by the raptors.

6 - Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus

The Indominus Rex's attack on the herd of Ankylosauruses in 2015's Jurassic World was the first on-screen instance of the superpredator recklessly attacking the other dinosaurs. Using its ability to camouflage itself, the Indominus Rex was able to stealthfully approach the herbivores without them noticing. Seizing the opportunity, the Indominus charged at the Ankylosauruses in an attempt to kill whatever it could sink its teeth into.

This battle, while exciting, primarily served as a quick example of the Idominus Rex's ferocity. Ankylosauruses are powerful creatures, and their backs are lined with boney armor plating. They also have club-like tails that they can use to defend themselves. But despite these protections, the Indominus was able to assert its dominance by using its strength and intelligence to flip its quarry onto its back, giving the carnivore the chance to bite down on and crush its prey's head.

5 - Carnotaurus Vs. Sinoceratops

During the portion of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom when both the humans and the dinosaurs fled from the volcanic eruption, Owen Grady and some other characters are cornered by an opportunistic Carnotaurus. The beast begins to slowly approach Owen, but it is distracted by a nearby Sinoceratops. Seeing the larger potential meal as a greater priority, the Carnotaurus leaves the human alone and charges the relative of the Triceratops.

The fight was reminiscent of the one between the Indominus Rex and the Ankylosaurus from the first Jurassic World, with an armored plant-eater protecting itself from the aggressive, bipedal predator. The main difference is that Carnotaurus lacked the power and intelligence that the Indominus had, so the Sinoceratops was able to successfully fend off its attacker and then flee.

4 - T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

When the promotional material for Jurassic Park III first revealed that a new, larger superpredator, the Spinosaurus, would be the main threat in the movie, many fans were wondering if the beast would fight a T-Rex. This question was answered before the film's midway point when the Spinosaurus, on the trail of fleeing humans, stumbles upon the feeding grounds of the rival predator.

The fight began as anyone would expect. Both titans charged at each other at full force in an attempt to take an early lead in the battle. The fight went back and forth for a moment, but the Spinosaurus was able to claim a quick and decisive victory when it managed to grab hold of the T-Rex's neck. The T-Rex was unable to resist as the Spinosaurus used its grip and weight to twist and snap the T-Rex's neck, killing it instantly.

3 - T-Rex Vs. Velociraptors

Both the T-Rex and the Velociraptors spread a lot of terror throughout the original Jurassic Park film. Each predator took multiple chances to make meals of the humans on the island while chasing them across the park. It was only a matter of time until both dinosaurs came into contact with each other.

This fight came as an absolute shock during the movie's finale. The raptors had the surviving humans cornered in the park's visitor center. But as the raptors prepared to attack, the T-Rex appeared almost out of nowhere and killed one of them. The remaining raptor attempted to fight the T-Rex, but it was no match for the much more massive beast and was soon killed.

2 - Blue Vs. Indoraptor

The battle between Blue and the genetically modified Indoraptor in Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom was unique among the battles in the franchise. This fight took place in a mansion located on the mainland, rather than on one of InGen's islands. These beasts were also searching for a way to escape the mansion. The only difference was that the Indoraptor was also looking for as many people as possible to kill along the way, and Blue was trying to protect the human, Owen Grady, she had imprinted on as a hatchling.

The fight between Blue and the Indoraptor took a few turns. It began in one of the mansion's bedrooms, where Owen was attempting to protect the young girl Maisie from the Indoraptor. The humans were able to escape to the roof of the mansion in the confusion, but the Indoraptor was able to fend Blue off long enough to pursue them. The fight ended when Blue took the Indoraptor by surprise by jumping on its back while it was standing on the glass dome ceiling. Both dinosaurs fell through the glass, and the Indoraptor was impaled on the fossilized skull of a Triceratops that stood beneath them.

1 - T-Rex And Blue Vs. Indominus Rex

The two-on-one fight between the T-Rex, Blue, and the vicious Indominus Rex in Jurassic World was the type of clash that fans had been dreaming of for years. The last true dinosaur battle seen in the films was the one between a T-Rex and the Spinosaurus, and it had left many fans unsatisfied. They wanted to watch their long-time favorite dinosaur win. This fight, however, more than made up for the letdown seen in the previous film.

The battle between the T-Rex and the Indominus Rex quickly proved to be a greater fight than the one from Jurassic Park III, and it was made greater still once the Velociraptor Blue joined in to help the T-Rex. The two dinosaurs were eventually able to overwhelm the Indominus, pushing to the edge of the park's massive water enclosure. From there, the massive aquatic Mosasaur made a surprise appearance when it lunged from the water to grab hold of the Indominus. With little effort, the Mosasaur dragged the Indominus back into the depths, drowning it and bringing an end to the fight.

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