Jurassic Park & World: The 5 Worst Things That The Dinosaurs Did (& 5 Best)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dinosaurs have been a box office draw since Jurassic Park's initial release. But what are the dinos best moments throughout the entire franchise?

In 1993, Steven Spielberg and his team made the world believe dinosaurs made been brought back to life and since then the Jurassic Park franchise has thrilled audiences worldwide. Between the original trilogy and the new Jurassic World movies, fans have gotten a lot of dino action over the years.

Part of the fun is the chaos these ancient monsters can cause in the modern world, which can often be terrifying and brutal. However, even though they can be scary at times, there are moments that show these dinosaurs can actually be helpful and are not just about eating people.

10 - Worst: T-Rex Eats A Dog

Though it is not as flawless as the original movie, Lost World: Jurassic Park is much better than its reputation suggests. However, one of the aspects people seem to have the biggest issue with is the climax, in which a T-Rex runs amok in San Diego.

The sequence is admittedly silly and also features one of the most horrific moments in the series. When the T-Rex is getting a drink from a backyard swimming pool, a dog begins barking at it. When the family comes to investigate, they find the T-Rex swallowing what's left of their poor pet.

9 - Best: Dilophosaurus Stops Nedry

The dinosaurs certainly cause most of the damage in these movies, but there are always human characters who are the real villains. In the original Jurassic Park, Dennis Nedry is the greedy computer programmer who steals the dino DNA to sell to competing businesses.

As viewers have seen in subsequent movies, that DNA in the wrong hands could be really dangerous. Therefore, it was a good thing that Dennis crashes his Jeep while fleeing the park and that the Dilophosaurus decided to have a snack, thus preventing the DNA from getting out in the world.

8 - Worst: Compsognathus Attack Little Girl

Jurassic Park movies remind viewers that not all dinosaurs look scary, but they also tell fans that looks can be deceiving. The opening scene of Lost World: Jurassic Park finds a rich family accidentally stumbling onto the island during a yachting trip.

The young daughter of the family wanders off and encounters an adorable small dino known as Compsognathus and proceeds to feed it. Unfortunately, she failed to know that they hunt in packs, and soon dozens show up and attack her. Though she lives, it is a scary scene that shows these dinos are ruthless regardless of age.

7 - Best: T-Rex Kills Mills

Though it is not right to cheer on someone getting eaten alive by a dinosaur, there are some characters who really do deserve it. The villainous Mills in Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom has the distinction of being the only human character to kill someone in these movies, so it's obvious he is a bad guy.

After Mills imprisons a little girl and tries to kill the heroes, he auctions dinosaurs off to some dangerous people. After the dinos inevitably escape, Mills gets his comeuppance when he is eaten by a T-Rex.

6 - Worst: The Death Of Zara

The Jurassic Park movies have always been reasonably subtle with their gore, never going too over-the-top. However, in Jurassic World, one death scene is so drawn out and torturous that it may be the darkest moment in the series.

Zara is the babysitter who is tasked with looking after Gray and Zach while they visit the park. Though she allows them to sneak away, that hardly makes her deserving of the death that follows. She is snatched up by a Pteranodon, dropped into a pool, snatched up again, then eaten by a Mosasaurus.

5 - Best: T-Rex Fights Indominus Rex

It seems like each Jurassic Park movie needs to introduce a new, more powerful dinosaur. In Jurassic World, the genetically engineered Indominus Rex fills that role and is quite a formidable beast. But it is no match for the original queen of Jurassic Park.

As the Indominus Rex threatens the heroes, they decide the logical thing would be to free the T-Rex and let it fight the Indominus. The T-Rex even teams up with the raptors and the Mosasaurus to get the job done.

4 - Worst: Indominus Rex Kills For Sport

In order to make this Indominus Rex a more effective dino villain, the filmmakers needed it to be even more bloodthirsty than the other dinosaurs that came before.

As Owen and Claire track the Indominus Rex's path of destruction through the park, they find a herd of Apatosaurus that have been slaughtered. Own notes that the Indominus didn't eat them, but rather killed them purely for the sport.

3 - Best: Blue Fights Indoraptor

One of the most controversial aspects of the Jurassic World movies has been the idea that the vicious and terrifying raptors can somehow be trained. Owen Grady trains the raptors from birth and they seem to see him as a father figure.

Owen has a special connection to one of the raptors named Blue, who is captured along with some other dinos in Fallen Kingdom. But when the newly designed Indoraptor threatens Owen, Blue steps in for a dino-fight and kills the evil Indoraptor.

2 - Worst: Two T-Rex Eat Eddie Carr

Eddie Carr was introduced as a member of the small team that John Hammond sent to the second island in Lost World. He is a valuable member of the team and an all-around nice guy. So it was a real bummer to see him die in such a brutal way.

As Eddie valiantly tries to rescue his friends from falling off a cliff, two T-Rexes show up to complicate the situation. Even as the dinos close in on him, Eddie continues with the rescue mission. While he saves the others, the hungry dinosaurs tear him in two.

1 - Best: T-Rex Saves The Day

The unforgettable sequence of the T-Rex breaking out of the confinement in the original movie and attacking the Jeeps instantly made it one of the most effective and scary movie monsters of all time. And yet, fans still cheered for it when the T-Rex came back to save the day.

At the climax of the movie, the heroes find themselves surrounded by raptors that are ready to attack. Suddenly out of nowhere, the T-Rex shows up and begins devouring the raptors, allowing the humans to escape.

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