Jurassic Park Vs. Jurassic World: Which Is The Better Series?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

From characters to action, we break down where the Jurassic World movies best the Jurassic Park movies (and where the originals are still king).

Now that we’re two films in the Jurassic World series, we’ve got enough of an assessment of the movies to judge if they can be considered on par with the original Jurassic Park movies. Those films tend to be held in high regard by fans, so it’s quite a task to match them.

With Jurassic World: Dominion’s teases having begun, it’s appropriate to stack up the plus points of both the Jurassic Park and World movies to have a definitive opinion over which can be considered the better iteration of the franchise. Read on further and find out what we’ve concluded.

10 - Characters: Jurassic Park

With protagonists like Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler, it’s hard to go wrong, and the Jurassic Park films did it better by having solid supporting roles too. These films had villains you wanted to see get their just desserts, yet also liked them for the entertainment value they brought.

Even child actors had a rightful place here, as Lex and Tim Murphy can attest to bringing us solid moments that made good use of having children be a testament to the no-holds-barred environment that was Jurassic Park.

9 - Emotional Moments: Jurassic World

With just one scene, the Jurassic World movies had a place in viewers’ hearts, that being the scene where the Brachiosaurus is stranded on the destroyed island and succumbs to its fate. The films have also gone a fine way in making raptors out to be sympathetic, with Blue’s relationship to Owen also pulling on heartstrings.

The original series had some fine emotional moments of its own, but those were either few and far between or just didn’t have the same kind of impact as the Jurassic World movies achieved.

8 - Horror: Jurassic Park

We have to commend Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom for feeling like a horror movie in its second half, as the Indoraptor wreaked havoc, but the fact that these dinosaurs are genetically enhanced has the effect of taking away the scare level.

On the other hand, the Jurassic Park films excelled in bringing moments fraught with tension, with several deaths making the bone chill. The first movie, in particular, had the ability to make one gasp, as scenes like the T-Rex’s escape or the raptors hunting the children are a spectacle in horror.

7 - Comedy: Jurassic World

There are more comedic moments in both series than you’d realize, with these instances arriving in the form of awkward interactions. While the Jurassic Park films had more outright comedy, these weren’t all met with such acclaim; in particular, Jurassic Park III, which is seen as something of a parody on occasion.

However, Jurassic World has made good use of Chris Pratt’s penchant for comedy, as the actor has brought his funnyman persona in these films. Other supporting characters have also contributed to the funny scenes, and these haven’t felt as out of place as the Jurassic Park movies did.

6 - Soundtrack: Jurassic Park

Is there any need to debate this? The Jurassic Park movies have been termed iconic in this regard, as the use of music to go along with the theme of the scene is well-known. Of course, the jewel in this crown has to be the series theme song, which has been described as having an epic feel that fills the heart with emotion.

Every scene in these movies deserves praise, though, as scary scenes carry a chilling track, while happy moments have an uplifting sentiment attached. The Jurassic World movies have borrowed these soundtrack elements for the most part.

5 - Special Effects: Jurassic Park

It’s natural for newer entries to look much better than earlier installments as the technology progresses, yet Jurassic Park still has effects to die for. That would be because these movies favored animatronics over CGI, with the result being dinosaurs that looked remarkably lifelike.

Even after almost three decades, the first Jurassic Park never fails to leave one in awe for making the dinosaurs come alive onscreen. Meanwhile, the Jurassic World movies are beautiful to behold on their own, but just don’t have that evergreen feel the original movies had.

4 - Action Sequences: Jurassic World

To Jurassic Park’s credit, the action in these films still holds up; however, the newer movies have better choreography. It’s quite an achievement by Jurassic World to make dinosaur fights have variety, and these sequences have carried that adrenaline rush that makes you feel like you're part of an intense survival game.

Even scenes that seem cheesy on paper - such as Owen riding alongside raptors or Claire running with a T-Rex in tow - look great since they make sense in the context of the movie’s events.

3 - Dialogue: Jurassic Park

Part of the reason why Jurassic Park turned out to be the success we know it for is due to the films bringing in social commentary over the ethical consequences of science. This is conveyed to audiences through intellectually stimulating conversations between characters.

It’s a treat to listen to the likes of Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm over the boundaries that Jurassic Park crossed morally, and these conversations still hold true. Jurassic World just doesn’t have this level of smarts in dialogue, with the films employing jargon in the aspects of science or even goofy material for its main characters.

2 - Audience Draw Power: Jurassic World

Sure, the Jurassic Park movies have aged fabulously well, but the reality is that each film of the series saw hugely diminishing returns at the box office and audience opinion over its quality. There’s as much as $300 million worth of differences between each movie in the trilogy.

On the other hand, the Jurassic World films have sustained audience interest, being hugely successful commercially and retaining fan support. Call it the effect of the blockbuster film mentality of today’s audiences, but the Jurassic World series sure can keep the hype alive.

1 - Winner: Jurassic Park

When all is said and done, it’s pretty clear that the Jurassic Park trilogy remains a cut above the latest films. In areas that speak quality, these movies outshine the Jurassic World series in almost all departments, and even new viewers tend to prefer the original trilogy.

While Jurassic World has done well in keeping the legacy of the series alive, it will probably always be associated with the Jurassic Park movies rather than stand out as its own thing. So, if you’re looking for a trilogy that has the highest class of scares, effects, and entertainment, you’d better go with the Jurassic Park films.

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