Jurassic Park Star Joe Mazzello Says That He Is Not Coming Back To The Franchise Yet

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Joe Mazzello who played as a child Tim Murphy in the famous franchise ‘Jurassic Park’ is not set to revisit the role, despite the lead character Chris Pratt saying in February that the original cast of the movie is slated to make a return for the upcoming Jurassic World 3.

The lead character Pratt who stars as Owen Grady in the franchise said that the upcoming instalment which is going to come feels like an end for the franchise, telling Elen DeGeneres, that he is not allowed to say anything but he will be saying everything. He does not know that if all of them will be coming back or not in the upcoming movie of the franchise.

But an insider close to the Universal Studios told some of the sources that the movie was in the pre-production before the dangerous COVID-19 struck the whole world and that the original cast Joe who then previously played as the grandson of the Jurassic World founder John Hammond in the both 1993’s Jurassic Park and also the 1997’s Lost World sequel never received a call to return to the set.

The actor also revealed something to the fans that he hopes to find everything out someday what had actually happened to his character which was quite famous. The fans were very much desperate to know what had actually happened why the previous directors or the movie makers did not call the famous actor Joe for his famous role in the franchise.

He also then hinted that he will not reprise his character in the new upcoming franchise. He said that he thinks about this all the time because there is so much for him to think. And it seems like that he is not quite sure when he will be coming or he might come back for the new movie or not.

The fans are really hoping all the original characters to come back to the new part of the movie. As some of them are going to be seen in the new movie so this much is good and appreciated by the fans of the franchise.

Source: https://honknews.com/