Jurassic Park: 10 Funniest Scenes From The Series

Monday, April 13, 2020

Jurassic Park is known for its special effects, thrilling action sequences and of course, dinosaurs. But it's time to give the comedy its due too.

There’s more variety in the Jurassic Park series than the films get credit for. Not only are they incredible from a special effects standpoint, they also serve well as thrilling horror movies that provide blockbuster entertainment. However, the series doesn’t get much praise for its comedy, which it absolutely should.

Part of the reason why the films are so entertaining is because they provide a well-rounded experience, and the funny moments certainly deserve credit here too. For this reason, here are 10 of the funniest scenes from the Jurassic Park series — not including the Jurassic World films — that will bolster the replay value of the movies.

10 - Mr. Kirby Explains His True Profession

Although the Kirbys are largely regarded as one of the worst characters in the series due to their role in kidnapping Alan Grant, Mr. Kirby’s incompetence does have an amusing quality. In this scene, he was outed for lying about climbing K-2 when he claimed he had set camp at 30,000 feet.

After Billy told him K-2 didn’t even peak that high, an embarrassed Mr. Kirby admitted that “Kirby Paint & Tile Plus” made bathroom fixtures. His buffoonish attempts to apologize involved offering them free remodeling of their kitchens. It was then made funnier when Alan quipped that they were now in the worst place in the world and weren’t even getting paid for it.

9 - Ellie Bamboozles Alan Grant And Ian Malcolm

The dinosaurs on Jurassic Park were all female due to their genetic coding, or at least that was what the intention had been. When Ian Malcolm began explaining Chaos Theory and its effects, Ellie Sattler came to a conclusion that quieted down both Ian and Alan.

Here, she surmised that if the dinosaurs were to take over the world and cause human extinction, then it would also mean that women would then rule the Earth. After not having paid her heed for the most part, this point shut both men up promptly.

8 - Everybody Runs After Alan Grant Asks Them To Stay Still

There’s no doubt that Jurassic Park is comparable to a horror video game, in that the characters have to constantly run for their lives or be brutally devoured. However, there was a funny spin on that in one occasion. 

In this scene, the stranded group ventured into the jungle, finding the body of a deceased dinosaur. Unfortunately, a larger one eating said dinosaur showed, prompting Alan to tell them to stay still. And yet, the second the dinosaur roared, each one of the characters behind Alan scrammed like there was no tomorrow.

7 - John Hammond Hates Ian Malcolm

Ian Malcolm has one-liners to last for days, and the person who despised him most for it was none other than John Hammond. After having challenged Hammond for keeping dinosaurs at the park in the first place, Ian truly got under his skin during the jeep ride.

When no dinosaurs showed up for the trip, Ian looked straight into the car camera and sarcastically asked Hammond if he planned to have any dinosaurs to show for in the first place. A fuming Hammond could only mutter how much he hated Ian’s guts.

6 - Ian Malcolm Sees Mountain Of Droppings

Sometimes a single statement is enough to make a scene stand out in its comedy, and this was done best when Ian Malcolm pretty much stated the general vibe of the day. After the group joined Ellie in attending to an ill dinosaur, Ian noticed something he didn’t expect to see.

Walking over to what seemed like a mountain of droppings, Ian didn’t care to censor his words by proclaiming it to be a big pile of dung. It was the kind of comment you expect from such a character, and it served as a hilarious tension breaker.

5 - Nedry Outs Dodgson's Identity

One of the surprisingly iconic moments from Jurassic Park turned out to be the meeting between Dennis Nedry and Dodgson. When the latter admonished Nedry for calling him out in public — the two were meeting to double-cross Hammond — Nedry made a joke of the whole thing.

Pointing straight toward his guest, Nedry shouted “We got Dodgson here!” for everyone to hear, only for nobody to care at all. He then piled on the humiliation by mocking Dodgson’s hat, asking if he was trying to look like a secret agent.

4 - Using Gymnastics To Beat A Raptor

It’s bizarre how people with guns haven’t been able to kill dinosaurs in the series, only for a teenager to swing on a bar and end a fully grown raptor. This is what happened in The Lost World, where Ian Malcolm’s daughter used gymnastics to gain the victory.

While trapped with a raptor out to get her, she somehow conjured up some otherworldly courage by jumping on a bar and performing theatrics. This bamboozled the raptor to the point where the girl managed to kick it to its death. The entire ridiculousness of it all makes this the most campiest moment in the series by far.

3 - Sarah Asks Nick For Gum

Sarah Harding is considered to be the reason for the whole conflict in The Lost World for going to the island in the first place, and she gets a lot of flak for it. The one good thing out of it, though, was this exchange between herself and Nick.

Here, Sarah was operating on the wounded T-Rex and needed something to hold the wrapping around its foot together, which was when she asked Nick to spit out the gum he was chewing. Misunderstanding her, Nick literally spat in her hand, causing a shocked Sarah to wretch in disgust.

2 - Dinosaur Lets Heroes Go Because They Smell

It appears as if dinosaurs have standards in the Jurassic Park series as on this occasion a Ceratosaurus let a potential meal go because of the smell. As it happened, the heroes came across the satellite phone they needed to call home, but it was submerged in a pile of droppings left by the Spinosaurus.

Once they had dug through the pile, they were met by the Ceratosaurus, which drew back instantly once it got a whiff of the smell and walked away. Who knew being covered in dino feces was a way to avoid death?

1 - A Raptor Says Alan's Name

For some, this was the moment they stopped taking Jurassic Park III seriously, when it became clear the film would dive hard in the jokes. As Alan slept on the plane, he had a nightmare that remains impossible not to laugh at.

Within his dream, Alan woke up to find the plane empty with an eerie silence around him. Upon turning around, he was beside himself with fear to see a raptor close to his face, which then muttered, “Alan!” to him in Billy’s voice. Funnily enough, the raptor's positioning made it look as if it was sitting like a passenger on the plane. The scene is like watching a Jurassic Park parody within a Jurassic Park film.

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