Jurassic Architect Looks Like Cities Skylines Meets Jurassic World

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Yeyuna's Jurassic Architect is now available on Steam and allows players to build their own high-tech colony in the dangerous age of dinosaurs.

Polish indie developer Yeyuna has just released Jurassic Architect, a Steam title that allows players to build their own Jurassic World-style dinosaur park. Dinosaurs and video games typically go together pretty well, especially ones that allow players to interact with the great beasts of the past - or at least try to avoid becoming a T-Rex’s latest meal.

The most recent dinosaur game of note is the upcoming Jurassic World: Evolution 2, the sequel to 2018’s licensed construction and management simulator that was announced by Jeff Goldblum himself at June’s Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live event. Set to arrive sometime later this year, Jurassic World: Evolution 2 promises to expand upon the dinosaur-raising gameplay of the original while adding new species and features like helicopter riding and dinosaur hunting. In the meantime, players will be able to scratch their dino-wrangling itch with an unrelated but interesting indie title that just launched on Steam.

In a recent press release, Yeyuna announced that its newest indie title, Jurassic Architect, is now available on Steam, as well as posting a new Jurassic Architect trailer to YouTube. Set in a not-too-distant future where the Earth’s resources are all but depleted, Jurassic Architect tasks players with building a new human civilization in prehistoric times. Since dinosaurs still roam the Earth at this uncharted time, players will need to manage a crew of scientists, soldiers, and farmers as they work to maintain their new home and tame the wild prehistoric beasts that roam it. While some dinosaurs are dangerous, others can be used to mine resources or serve as a mode of transport against the wild, untamed terrain.

Yeyuna CEO Sebastian Żaczek cited his love of city-building games like SimCity and Cities Skylines as an inspiration for Jurassic Architect, and he hopes to blend the mainstay conventions of the genre with a fun dinosaur theme. In addition to building new settlements and managing wildlife, players will also be able to set up entertainment for their colonists, with the trailer above showing what appears to be a dinosaur combat arena of some kind. Jurassic Architect also includes some tower defense elements, as players are shown defending their bases from hungry carnivores using some kind of remote-controlled turrets.

While Jurassic Architect isn’t connected to the Jurassic World franchise in any way aside from the first part of its name, Yeyuna's time-traveling city building simulator seems to follow in Jurassic World: Evolution's spirit of humans surviving in a world of dinosaurs and even taming them for their own uses. Interested players can try Jurassic Architect out for themselves on Steam to see if they have what it takes to set up a new human civilization in the age of dinosaurs.

Source: Yeyuna/YouTube / https://screenrant.com/