Jeff Goldblum Recreates Iconic Jurassic Park Pose 27 Years Later

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Jeff Goldblum recreates iconic Jurassic Park pose on Instagram

Jurassic World: Dominion may have been pushed back to 2022, but Jeff Goldblum has given thirsty fans quite the gift to tide them over until then. On Instagram late Friday, the actor recreated his iconic Jurassic Park pose, unbuttoned shirt, oiled up chest, and all.

Goldblum reproduced the memorable 1993 shot as a reward to fans who registered to vote ahead of Election Day next month. “WOW! Thank you to everyone who used my @HeadCount page to make sure that you’re #GoodToVote!” Goldblum wrote on Instagram.

“Nearly 3,000 of you are ready for this November’s election. Here’s your reward… how time flies.” Indeed, it’s been 27 long years since Dr. Ian Malcolm first posed ever so seductively. The fact that Goldblum, who turns 68 in just a few weeks, still looks this good should probably be a crime. Like, does he work out with Bruce Springsteen or something?

Bask in all of Goldblum’s glory down below and see how his 2020 pic compares to the original.

As EW notes, this isn’t the first time Goldblum has used his Jurassic Park looks to encourage voter engagement. Previously, he and fellow Jurassic World: Dominion costars Sam Neill and Laura Dern linked up to reeanct another legendary scene from the original film.