Incredible Jurassic Park Game Built In Half-Life 2 Spares No Expense

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to explore an accurate recreation of Jurassic Park in first-person? Wonder no more, because Jurassic Life - a mod that brings the infamous park to Half-Life 2 - is now playable from beginning the end. This is an entirely original adventure, inspired by the classic movie and built in Valve's iconic FPS.

As you can see from the gameplay-filled trailer belowJurassic Life looks like it could have been made from scratch. There's barely a trace of Half-Life to be found as players explore the park and encounter a range of dinosaurs. You'll play as Robert Muldoon, a warden with one very simple task: contain the dinosaur outbreak, or die trying.

Okay, maybe simple was the wrong word. But with a range of weapons, from machetes to shotguns, Muldoon clearly has a fighting chance against the scaly hordes. Honestly, this whole project is like the Dino Crisis/Half-Life/Jurassic Park crossover I never knew I needed, and I'm fully here for it.

"In Jurassic Life, you play game warden Robert Muldoon who was hired to keep order in the quite extraordinary Jurassic Park, located on Isla Nublar," reads the trailer description. "Our story is not strictly based on the movies or novels but rather our own tale with inspiration gathered from the world of Jurassic Park"

Apparently the project was put on hold for several years, but old and new volunteers were able to come together again and finally get the game over the line. The project is expected to be available in full later this year, and you can read all about the team's amazing work so far right here.

Credit: JurassicLifeStaff

"We have accomplished the impossible," the team of volunteers wrote as part of the mod description. "The Jurassic Life story campaign finally can be played out from the very first cut-scene to the final credits. It's been a long journey but we've made it... for the most part. Before everyone takes out their champagne and party hats, we aren't at the end just yet. There is much to be refined and polished and still worked upon before final release."

With work still to be done, the team wants to make it clear that you can get involved and offer help. Simply reach out via the mod page and let them know you're willing to pitch in. After all, life... finds a way.

Featured Image Credit: Valve/JurassicLifeStaff