How To Organize a Dinosaur Theme Birthday Party For Your Kid?

Monday, November 4, 2019

Dinosaur Party Ideas

If your preschooler loves dinosaurs, you don’t need to think too hard about his or her next birthday party theme. You can make this gigantic animal a part of your party planning and surprise your kid and the gang easily. Here are some ideas that you can implement to achieve this goal.


Right from the invitation cards to the venue, everything should embody your party idea. For example, invites can have dinosaur shapes, cuts, and colors. Create multiple prehistoric footprints and put them on the walkway to the main hall or room where the event will take place. The table where all the food and drinks you keep can feature small dinosaur toys or little puppets strategically. Also, you can hang some pictures of these extinct animals from one corner to another with a wee bit of details so that it becomes engaging.


You can hire one or two people to wear and stand like a dinosaur to elevate the theme. Kids will love this idea, which you will also notice when they keep going back to them to see what it feels like touching such fierce animal. However, the cost can be a determining factor, though. The dinosaur costume can be wild and made to the specifications of your liking.  If you are a DIY person and have lots of time, you may try to create one. Or, you can place an order for it too.

There are some good choices on, where you can find different types of dinosaur costumes. Some dresses have visible legs or hidden legs. So, it is up to you to decide what you want.

If this works out, you can rest assured that it will be the highlight of the whole theme and a super hit thing for your kid and his or her friends.

Foods and drinks

You can easily replicate the theme in refreshments also. Get dinosaur-shaped frozen foods, which can cook in the oven in no time. Get cookie-cutters that have dinosaur designs so that you can give sandwiches such a shape or make baked cookies in that mold. Since lava and swamps were common things in the dinosaur era, you can select green and red colors in drinks to represent them.

In essence, there are plenty of fun things that you can organize around a dinosaur theme. Just get creative and resourceful. Then, everything will fall into the right place automatically. And, yes, don’t forget to plan some dinosaur activities too. Kids need to do something fun to avoid boredom. For example, in one section of the room or hall where people in dinosaur costume stand, you can divert kids there so that they can ask them to do different things.  Besides, you can have drawing activities where kids need to make anything related to the beast or the beast itself. So, think through and plan. It’s got a full scope.