How to Change Dinosaur Colors in Parkasaurus

Thursday, August 20, 2020

In the dinosaur-zoo management tycoon game Parkasaurus, players have some control over the appearance and behavior of their dinosaurs.

In the dinosaur-theme-park management simulator, Parkasaurus, players can design their own Jurassic Park in the same vein as games like Zoo Tycoon and Planet Zoo. The game recently left early access and has become a fast hit. In Parkasaurus, the player controls every aspect of their park, from breeding and caring for different dinosaurs to designing tailored habitats to maintaining guest happiness. There are 23 species of dinosaur to hatch and care for, each with their own unique needs. As players progress, they can send staff on archaeological digs to find items and use those items to go back in time and find dinosaur eggs to add creatures to their collection. Players will also receive a myriad of inventory items they can use to breed and accessorize their dinos.

Players have some amount of control over the base color of their dinosaurs in the game. This color system is complex and changes for every dinosaur species. There are eight possible colors for players to choose from dark pink, light pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, red, and black. Dinosaurs in the game also have extra random colors for features like stripes, but these cannot be changed and are randomly determined at birth. Here's how to change a dinosaur's colors before they hatch in Parkasaurus.

Change A Dinosaur's Color In Parkasaurus

To change a dinosaur's color, players need to first set an egg on the ground and click it. In the resulting info screen, they will need to add an item from their inventory to the green box to influence the dinosaur's color. Different items change different dinosaurs different colors, so players cannot use the same item on the same creature and expect to get the same results. For example, while Hip Glasses or a Unicorn Hat will turn an Achelousaurus Black, those same items will turn an Apatosaurus Blue.

Most items will work in the green box, including other dinosaurs' eggs, skulls, gems, and food items like plants and meat. Players will need to experiment to figure out what items work. Additionally, they can consult a fanmade guide, like the one created by user Elizabeth on the Steam Community.

Each species of dinosaur comes with a default color. To keep the default color, players will not need to add anything to the green box.

The other two boxes on the egg info screen, outlined in blue, can also hold items. The items here will determine the dinosaur's unique traits. The pattern for this is more obvious, with the same items coding for the same traits. For example, plants make a dinosaur friendly, while a skull will make them scary, and the Hip Glasses will make them a showoff. As with colors, players can experiment with different objects and trait combinations to make their dinosaurs individuals.

Parkasaurus is available for PC.