Fortnite’s Dinosaur Eggs Have Hatched, And Now Raptors Roam The Island

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The newest season of Fortnite, dubbed “Primal,” did two main things: it introduced animals to the island and added a prehistoric theme. So it’s only fitting that the latest update includes a dinosaur.

Thanks to a recent patch, raptors now roam the battle royale game, joining other predators like wolves and sharks. They appear to spawn at random, however, so there’s no guarantee you’ll encounter one in a match; I played for more than an hour this morning before I spotted one in the wild.

In traditional Fortnite fashion, the news had been teased over the last few days; giant eggs scattered across the island began to crack, hinting that something was in the works. It was reminiscent of previous events like the volcano eruption, Kevin the rolling cube, or the time a massive robot was slowly constructed. It’s all part of the game’s unique approach to storytelling.

This is the first major update for season 6, so there could be other creatures on the way as well.