Five Solid Movies With Dinosaurs Not Named Jurassic Park

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The dinosaur genre has certainly been taken over by Jurassic Park ever since it was released on the scene. But there have been plenty of films that have featured dinosaurs and still been seen as quite solid that have nothing to do with Jurassic Park. In fact if you really want to technical it seems that the term “Jurassic” gets thrown around a lot when describing dinosaurs just because of the franchise. But regardless of that dinosaurs have showed up in other movies and have been every bit as entertaining despite their lessened roles considering that other movies sometimes use them as props and plot devices. It’s still enough to realize that while Jurassic Park does hold the biggest influence when it comes to the massive lizards there are still those films that have been released that have made a solid attempt at creating dinosaurs for their own cinematic needs.

Here are just a few that make that quite clear.

5. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Leave it to Sid to think he could take care of anyone’s kid, let alone a T-Rex’s babies. When they start developing that need to eat meat and to hunt it starts becoming apparent that he might be more than just a little in over his head, but when the whole group makes their way down into the world beneath their world it becomes even more obvious that mammals and dinosaurs were not fully intended to mix it up. In every movie that this has ever happened it seems to be a bad idea, as mammals are not quite equipped to deal with the humongous lizards that once roamed the earth.

4. The Land Before Time


Those of you reading this can admit if you watched this show when you were younger. It happens to be a part of our childhood since it was created in the late 80s and has been around ever since. While a few more movies have been made following it the original is something that can’t ever be fully replaced or forgotten since it took us on a journey of self-discovery and such loneliness and despair that it was all you could do not to cry over Littlefoot’s plight. But as he continued along and found friends to join him the determined little guy managed to overcome a lot of challenges and finally reached the goal he’d been seeking.

3. Night at the Museum


Museums can be kind of creepy even in the daylight if you really think about, so the addition of shadows and the idea that anything could come to life is even worse. This movie was pretty funny to be honest and while the sequel wasn’t too bad this one was definitely the best of them. A poor security guard just trying to hold down a job doesn’t stand much of a chance when it comes to contending with the overwhelming amount of natural history that’s just waiting to come to life each and every night the museum closes. Of course it would be nice to know such a thing, but then that might have ruined the surprise.

2. Land of the Lost


The dinosaurs in this movie are kind of comical and it’s expected since Will Farrell is pretty funny in most regards. As far as being solid it really depends on how big of a Will Ferrell fan you are, but the effects and the story was solid enough to hold up as the idea of traveling to another dimension and meeting up with a host of different creatures makes for a pretty fun movie. Added to that the comedy and the out of control acting of Farrell and the movie is something that might not have attracted the highest ratings, but is still a pretty solid movie. If nothing else it was a good bit of entertainment involving dinosaurs and several other creatures.

1. King Kong


Despite what anyone might say this was a very solid movie and had a very good cast. The inclusion of the dinosaurs was a smaller part but it led up to a great fight since Kong had to take on two of the beasts at once and even despite the odds he managed to defeat them pretty soundly. If this Kong had ever been envisioned as going up against Godzilla however it seems that he might have had less of a chance than the Kong that is being touted now as the possible opponent for the king of the monsters in the upcoming film. But watching this fight  was still a testament to just how great Kong really is, and how extremely tough.

Dinosaurs have been showing up on film since long before Michael Crichton decided to pen one of his best stories ever, as people have been fascinated by them for generations.