China is Developing a Dinosaur Theme Park at the Site Where Dinosaurs Roamed Millions of Years Ago

Sunday, January 21, 2018

On Saturday, China opened a global bidding process inviting top paleontologists and planners from across the world to participate in developing a world-class dinosaur theme park at Pu’an Township in Yunyang County. The government wants to build this theme park to promote scientific research of the fossils discovered in different parts of the country. The park will recreate the landscape of the Jurassic era and offer the public an exciting trip into the world of the dinosaurs. It will also let visitors experience the evolutionary history of the massive creatures that were wiped out from the Earth millions of years ago.

“The world-class natural resources should be matched with world-leading vision and wisdom. The invitation for global bids aims to attract a team of the top planners and paleontologists from around the world,” said Qin Changde, head of Yunyang County, as reported by Xinhua News.

The approval for the Yunyang Pu’an Dinosaur Theme Park was given by the Chongqing municipal government in May 2017. The park will feature a world-class gallery exhibiting animated models of the dinosaurs to show how these creatures lived millions of years ago. Visitors will also be able to “interact” with these animated models in the park. The detailed information about the bidding process can be obtained from the website

#Dinosaur fossil site found in Pu'an Township, southwest China's Chongqing, June 22, 2017.(Photos: Xinhua)

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) June 29, 2017

Yunyang County is a part of the Chongqing Municipality located in the southwestern region of China. This place is famous for Pu’an Township, the site of ancient fossils. In early 2015, a local farmer accidentally discovered some fossils at this place. In October 2016, a team of archeologists started the initial excavation work and found that this area has densely distributed fossils of turtles, dinosaurs, and several other species of great research value. According to experts, these fossils belong to a wide time span. In June 2017, archeologists revealed that they had discovered more than 5,000 fossils from a “fossil wall” in Pu’an.

The dinosaur fossils discovered here belonged to five dinosaur categories, including stegosaurs, sauropods, and ornithopods. Many fossils dating back to the middle Jurassic period were also found. According to experts, these fossils are rarely found in other parts of the world. After the discovery of the fossils from Pu’am, the Chongqing government decided to protect the site and allocated nearly US$2.5 million for the excavation project.

In addition to Pu’an Township, archeologists have also discovered fossils from 65 other areas within the Chongqing Municipality.