Canada's Best Selling Coins Are Dinosaur Themed & They Are The Coolest Thing

Thursday, October 10, 2019

canadianmint | Instagram

The collection is called 'Dinosaurs of Canada' and it's a pretty good deal!

The Royal Canadian Mint has just revealed their best-selling coins of the week, and number one might be the best thing that you see today! In the top spot is a three-piece coin collection called ‘Dinosaurs of Canada,’ and it is literally everything that you didn’t even know you wanted. With free shipping and three coins in the pack, maybe it’s time to take up a new hobby?

After allowing Canadians to get all nostalgic over their Transformer coins earlier this year, the Royal Canadian Mint is now back at it again with some pretty wild dinosaur coins that will totally have you reminiscing about your childhood.

Already available on their website, the three-coin set features three different prehistoric wonders, all on 25-cent coins. The collection is described as being, "A fun set of special-themed 25-cent coins that celebrate Canada’s prehistoric past".

Better still, the collection is totally Canadian. The description reads, “Tucked inside an exhibit-ready pop-up folder, these special-themed coins feature three different dinosaurs that were discovered in Canada—the proof is in their names!”

According to the product description, the Canadian dinosaurs featured in the collection are a "spiky Edmontonia longiceps", "a Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis charging headlong at a rival", and a "hungry Albertosaurus sarcophagus".

The intention behind the set is to give collectors a little taste of what Late Cretaceous Canada looked like, between 72-68 million years ago.

The coins are also on a bit of a sale right now. For just $19.95, as a three-coin set, they currently come with free shipping. It’s almost a no brainer if you're a dino or coin lover. 

Better still, other buyers and collectors have given the coins a star rating of almost five out of five, so it’s a pretty good purchase to get the ball rolling if you’re a new collector.

To view the full collection, you can visit the Royal Canadian Mint website by clicking here.