Adults And Kids Alike Will Go Crazy For This Dinosaur Waffle Maker

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Because food shaped like dinosaurs just tastes better.

You're never too young—or old!—to be totally mystified by the existence of dinosaurs. The prehistoric creatures are so intriguing that of course so many foods take their shape to keep things interesting. I'm talking chicken nuggets, oatmeal, and this dinosaur waffle maker that you can buy right now from Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters is known for selling all things trendy, but their home and kitchen department is where it's really at. They have best-selling items like the Dash mini waffle makers and popular Hydroflask water bottles, as well as more quirky products like cookie stamps and Dolly Parton dishes. This dinosaur waffle maker combines fun with function, and makes five different shapes of fluffy waffles.

Make whatever waffle batter you prefer, then fill up the T-Rex, pterodactyl, apatosaurus, triceratops, and stegosaurus molds for your waffles to be done in minutes. The plates are made of non-stick aluminum so there's no need to worry about any of your dinos falling apart. It's all around easy to use but you should wash all of the parts by hand since the appliance is not dishwasher safe.

Right now, the waffle maker is $40 on the Urban Outfitters website and you can check for store availability and pick-up if you're looking to make these waffles ASAP. Shaped waffle makers such as this one, like the pumpkin and skull waffle makers, are selling fast online, so if you want to liven up your breakfast plate I suggest you order this before everyone else catches on. Trust me.