21 Things Everyone Who Loves “Jurassic Park” Will Appreciate

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word.

1. When you realised you weren’t the only person who thought this.

2. And the best closed caption there ever was.

3. The comic strip that shows you how it really went down.


4. This graduation cap.

5. This detailed map of Isla Nublar.


6. This perfect two-person cosplay.


7. This very important banner.

8. The wedding invitations you wish you’d sent.

9. The joke on this mug that was 65 million years in the making.


10. This Mr DNA costume.


11. The signs in this bird sanctuary.


12. This cross-stitched truth from Dr Malcolm and Dr Sattler.


13. And that same truth perfectly illustrated.

14. This super high-tech T. rex alarm.


15. This pizza menu.

16. The sequel we’ve been waiting 22 years for.

17. The time you realised the Central line must terminate at Isla Nublar.


18. This questionable offer.


19. This dog’s uncanny impression of a dilophosaurus.


20. This outtake.



21. And, of course, Phil…