10 Mistakes In Jurassic World That Ruined The Movie

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jurassic World (2015)

In 1990, Michael Crichton wrote a book about a fictional island where dinosaurs were being bred to be part of an exclusive theme park/zoo. Jurassic Park was born, and three years later Steven Spielberg gave the world one of the most iconic films of all time. Jurassic Park hit the big screen in 1993 to critical and audience acclaim. The film told the story of two scientists, Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler, who are transported to the mysterious island as part of a preview tour to give their expert approval. Whilst there, with a team of other specialists, the park faces a huge power failure and the team find themselves fighting for their lives against animals that are not of this time.

Since then, two sequels have been produced: Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997) and Jurassic Park 3 (2001). In 2015, a fourth installment was released, much to the excitement of the fans of the original film. Jurassic World glossed over the two sequels and jumped to the present day where the original Jurassic Park has grown into a multi-million visitors-a-year theme park. When two young boys are sent there by their mother to visit with their Aunt, who holds a high level managerial role within the park, it doesn’t go quite to plan. As with the first film, things go haywire and people end up in deathly danger.

However, there are a number of goofs throughout the film that distract slightly from the giant lizard-based drama. Here we look at 10 of these goofs that you may have missed. You won’t watch the film the same way again.

10. Original Jurassic Park Jeep’s Tires As Good As New

When Gray and Zach stumble upon a hut when they are trying to evade the Idominus Rex, they stumble upon two of the original Jeeps from Jurassic Park. The use of the original Jeeps in Jurassic world is a fantastic nod to the original film, however in reality the tires would have disintegrated by now, and the tires that are used are the modern update of the original tires used in Jurassic Park. Maybe one of the dinosaurs evolved into a mechanic?

9. Running In High Heels In A Jungle?

There has been uproar about the fact that Claire remained in high heels throughout the film, running through jungle and managing to outrun a T-Rex in nude stiletto’s. Whilst this has caused feminists and gender politicians to have a small fit, did anybody notice that she did change her shoes? In the early scenes, her ‘ridiculous shoes’ are commented on and captured on screen with purpose, yet in subsequent scenes it can be easily seen that she is wearing lace up nude flat shoes. The shoes also transfer from dirty to clean when she enters the T-Rex pen and then back to dirty again once she has finished leading the T-Rex to the Indominous Rex.

8. Magical Mud

When Claire’s nephews Gray and Zach are being chased by the Indominus Rex, they are forced to jump off a waterfall in order to escape the giant lizard hell bent on eating them. They then jump into the water below, and when they emerge Gray has mud on his face. This mud magically disappears and then reappears in between shots.

7. The Intensely Stable Rifle

In the scene where Claire and Owen are hiding from the Indominus Rex by the abandoned Jeep, Owen leaves his rifle perched against the side of the Jeep. We then see the Indominus Rex use his head and upper body to rock the Jeep, yet when Owen moves back around the vehicle once the dinosaur has left, the rifle is unmoved. But it’s highly unlikely given the force that the dinosaur was moving the vehicle, and the fact the dinosaur was hitting the vehicle on the same side that the rifle was perched on.

6. Cell Phone Switches To Vibrate Automatically

When Zach and Gray are in the glass gyrosphere that transports them around the safari style section of the park, Claire calls to warn them of the dangers that are occurring in the park. The phone can clearly be heard ringing. Yet after they are caught up in a fight between the Indominus Rex and another dinosaur and consequently flipped upside down, a setting on the phone is somehow -without human control – switched to the vibrate setting, which is what attracts the dinosaur to them.

5. Transforming Buildings

In the original Jurassic Park film, the visitor’s center is grand, with a tall staircase and other architectural features that are missing when Zach and Gray supposedly stumble upon the original visitor’s center in Jurassic World.

4. Night Goggles Still Work After 22 Years!

When Gray discovers the heavy and expensive night goggles that are used in the original Jurassic Park film, they turn on. Having just laid there on a humid Costa Rican island for 22 years, the power would have drained from the batteries.

3. Continuity Not On Point

Geography may not be the strongest aspect of this film, in terms of Jurassic World’s continuity with the original film, Jurassic Park. In the original classic, the visitor’s centre is not positioned anywhere near the restricted area as it is positioned in the West. Yet in Jurassic World, the visitor’s centre is positioned in the East.

2. The Adhoc Passing Of Time

Day time seems to pass quickly on the island. When the visitors are running scared from the Pteranodons in the main park area, like a prehistoric scene from The Birds by Hitchcock, it is broad daylight. In the next scene where we join the team in the raptor enclosure, it is pitch black, yet no time appears to have passed. Earlier on in the movie, Hoskins is speaking to Owen and Barry following Owens training session with the Velociraptors. During the conversation, the sun changes from midday to early morning.

1. Mystical Scratches

When the camera points out into the Indominus Rex enclosure from inside the building, there are originally no scratches to be seen on the glass, however when Mr. Masrani is taken into the enclosure scratches are evident on the glass. It’s a blatant error as the Indominus Rex had not been in the enclosure since the scene Mr. Masrani was in there at the time.

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