The 10 Highest Grossing Monster Movies Of All Time, Ranked

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The genre of monster movies provides some of the most underrated performances in the film industry. Demographics of all ages find excitement in the movies that create a world of imagination. Various creatures from monsters to giant apes to sharks to dinosaurs to everything in between have been the focus of successful monster movies. Younger audiences get the joy of seeing a new world on the big screen while older fans can appreciate the artistry behind the story.

We will look at the most successful movies in the history of the genre. All these monster movies found a way to bring a huge audience into the box office with the intent of having them suspend their disbelief. Some movies did better than others with legendary statuses many years after release. Others have lost the touch with them not holding up through the years. These are the top ten highest grossing monster movies of all time.


The recent release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters helped set the stage for an upcoming showdown film between Godzilla and Kong. This movie looked at the story of Godzilla with humans trying to get its help from various issues impacting the world.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters did not receive positive reviews and actually disappointed at the box office despite the big numbers. The $385 million domestic gross helped it slide into the top ten, but the studio had higher hopes given the nearly $200 million put into the making of the film.

9 - JAWS: $470 MILLION

The success of Jaws has seen it remain a beloved movie throughout the decades. This concept of a shark wreaking havoc did not have typical feel of a monster movie given sharks are real, but it perfectly played into the suspense nature of the film with some realistic elements.

Jaws is one of the most popular franchises in the history of the movie business with shark films becoming more frequent hoping to follow its legacy. An incredible $470 million box office gross was highly impressive in any era, but it was even more amazing back in 1975.

8 - GODZILLA (2014): $529 MILLION

The 2014 Godzilla film featured a cast of talented stars like Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. There was a lot of hype for a blockbuster Godzilla film and it led to box office success all over the world.

Godzilla raked in $529 million internationally as one of the bigger hits of the year. The reaction to the movie itself was mixed with some changes needed before committing to the Kong vs Godzilla plan. Regardless, the movie made enough to stake its claim as a top ten monster movie based on box office success.


The recent 2018 film titled The Meg featured Jason Statham starring in the new version of a blockbuster shark movie. There was a bit of ridiculousness involved in The Meg with comedy putting it over the top in a way fans often expect and desire from a shark movie.

An impressive $530 million was grossed internationally with an unexpected sequel coming for the series. The Meg found even more success in select theaters as it was one of the most successful 4DX films with various motions adding to the experience.


Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody led the cast of the star-studded 2004 King Kong film. It was the biggest film about the monster at this point and viewers certainly wanted to come out and see the movie. An amazing $550 million was grossed internationally as a massive success.

King Kong told the story with the advanced technology of the 2000s allowing us to see it in a new light along with some emotional moments to put it over the top. This monster movie showed that the genre could find the top tier success at the box office if done right.


Kong: Skull Island was the most important project involved in Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise. This looked at the backstory of King Kong with the hopes of it doing well enough at the box office to set up the eventual Kong vs Godzilla film.

Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston were the main characters of the film as they all witnessed the legitimacy of the monster in person. Kong: Skull Island raked in $566 million as a huge success and surprisingly out-grossed Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


The Jurassic Park franchise dominated the box office with a must-see movie theater experience. Fans would see The Lost World: Jurassic Park as the second film in the franchise. It was one of the most highly anticipated sequels in the history of the box office due to the success of the first movie.

Jeff Goldblum is the main cast member from the first film that returns with his character Ian Malcolm dealing with the aftermath of the first movie four years later. The Lost World: Jurassic Park did not have the same charm as the first movie, but the $618 million showed viewers were still interested in the story.


The first Jurassic Park film was an experience every 90s kid will remember for the rest of their lives. Steven Spielberg brought the book to life with this imaginative story focusing on the theme park with dinosaurs turning into a terrifying experience.

Jurassic Park made a little over $1 billion at the box office which was extremely rare for a movie released all the way back in 1993. The computer-generated imagery helped portray the dinosaurs as real to suspend the audience’s disbelief. Jurassic Park is rightfully one of the most beloved movies and created an iconic franchise.


The 2018 release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was the second Jurassic World in a new version of the franchise following Jurassic Park. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard had the lead roles of the humans dealing with the aftermath from the first Jurassic World movie.

The story continues that humans can’t control dinosaurs no matter how much they plan. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom did not receive as many positive reviews as the first film, but it made over $1.3 billion. The franchise continues to dominate the monster movie world with another sequel planned.


Jurassic World was the first film in the Jurassic Park/World franchise in almost fifteen years. It was done in the current time with another theme park meant to successfully achieve what was failed in the original Jurassic Park movie with various references to it.

The franchise had many more fans throughout the years with the original Jurassic Park winning over new viewers. It showed at the box office as it was a massive hit and one of the biggest movies of all time. Jurassic World grossed $1.6 billion as the top monster movie of all-time.