10 The Good Dinosaur Easter Eggs Everyone Missed

Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Good Dinosaur has been out for five years, but there are some easter eggs you probably missed.

The Good Dinosaur isn't one of the more popular Pixar movies. It received a relatively middling response from critics and audiences, and it grossed just $330 million at the worldwide box office. That said, we believe that the movie deserves some more recognition.

Like most Pixar films, The Good Dinosaur is filled with hilarious hidden references and Easter eggs to various other bits of pop culture. Some of these are more obvious than others, and some are just straight-up impossible to find without an internet guide. Luckily, that's where we come in!

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These are ten Easter eggs and references in The Good Dinosaur that everyone missed.

10 - The Jurassic Park Attack

Any movie involving dinosaurs is probably contractually obligated to include references to Jurassic ParkThe Good Dinosaur is no different. In the scene involving the cattle thieves, a T-Rex swoops in from off-camera and grabs the animals in its massive mouth.

This is a near shot-for-shot recreation from the scene in Jurassic Park where the T-Rex saves the group from an attacking velociraptor. Just like the T-Rex in The Good Dinosaur, it swoops in from just off-camera and snags the attacking velociraptor in its massive mouth.

9 - Scar Stories

In one particular scene in The Good Dinosaur, Arlo's friends sit around a campfire and share old war stories about how they received their respective scars. This is a reference to the movie Jaws (another Spielberg masterpiece), as both Quint and Hooper drunkenly share stories about their past injuries and resulting scars.

We certainly don't expect the children to know this, so it was a cute little reference for the adults in attendance. It's also clear that the makers of The Good Dinosaur are huge fans of Steven Spielberg!

8 - The Pet Collector

The Pet Collector is a character in The Good Dinosaur. Also known as Forrest Woodbush, The Pet Collector is a styracosaurus who earned his name due to the abundance of animals living on his horns. Eagle-eyed viewers may have already seen Forrest Woodbush in another Pixar film - Inside Out!

Forrest can briefly be seen in one of Riley's happy memories - he's a statue that Riley approaches while in San Francisco. This continues Pixar's tradition of placing future characters in their movies.

7 - The Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck is another of Pixar's biggest and most popular running jokes. Pixar seemingly squeezes the iconic Pizza Planet truck into every single one of their movies, and questions abounded as to how they would incorporate it into The Good Dinosaur.

Well, rest assured that they have...in a way. The shape of the Pizza Planet truck can actually be spotted during the movie's opening shot of the asteroids. One asteroid in the top left corner of the frame bears a suspicious resemblance to the Pizza Planet truck. Those sneaky Pixar animators...

6 - The Pixar Ball

The Pixar Ball, as you can imagine, is yet another one of Pixar's biggest Easter eggs. Like the Pizza Planet truck, it too appears in every single Pixar film, including The Good Dinosaur. It can briefly be spotted in the scene where Arlo and Spot get hilariously intoxicated from eating the fermented fruit.

While they are gleefully trapezing through a field, the ball can briefly be seen floating past the characters in the background. It takes a keen eye to spot, and it moves by very quickly, but trust us, it's there. Come on; it's not like Pixar to forget the Pixar ball.

5 - A113

And finally, we come to A113, the third and final Pixar staple. Like the ball and Pizza Planet truck, the letter-number combination of A113 can be found in every Pixar movie. The combination refers to the classroom that many Pixar alumni shared while studying at the California Institute of the Arts. It can be spotted in The Good Dinosaur when the bird chases Arlo out from his feeding area.

The combination can be seen made out of various sticks that sit along a fence on the left side of the enclosure. It really is amazing to see just how creative Pixar can get with their signature Easter egg integrations.

4 - Heimlich

Early in the film, Arlo and his father are traveling through a forest. During this sequence, a distinctive caterpillar can be seen in the foreground of one of the shots. It's not a perfect match, but the caterpillar bears a close resemblance to Heimlich, the hilarious caterpillar from Pixar's A Bug's Life.

This wouldn't be the first time that Pixar slipped Heimlich into one of their movies, as he can also be seen in Toy Story 2 right before Buzz chops down the branch he is standing on. We guess Pixar just really loves them some Heimlich.

3 - 127 Hours

You wouldn't think that a children's film would include references to something as gruesome as 127 Hours. But then again, this is Pixar we're talking about. They will include references to anything. Ramsey tells a particularly grisly story about chewing through her own tail after getting it literally stuck between "a rock and a hard place."

This is a direct reference to Aron Ralston, who was forced to sever his own arm after getting it trapped between a massive boulder and a canyon wall. The title of his autobiography? Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

2 - "The Storm Provides."

The Good Dinosaur is not only taking inspiration from 127 Hours - it also includes a little The Big Lebowski in there for good measure. The movie's main antagonist is a character named Thunderclap, an animal who is obsessed with storms.

One of his catchphrases is "the storm provides," which bears a distinct similarity with The Dude's catchphrase "the Dude abides." Yeah, maybe this one is a bit of a stretch, but there's no denying that the similarities are there.

1 - "In The Morning, We Ride."

This is, without a doubt, one of the more obscure references that Pixar has included in their films. In The Good Dinosaur, Sam Elliott's character Butch says the line, "In the morning, we ride." It doesn't really sound like much until you account for Elliott's past filmography.

Elliott was also in Ghost Rider, that subpar Nicolas Cage superhero movie from 2007. In it, Cage plays a devilish bounty hunter who rides a motorcycle, and Sam Elliott's Caretaker says a line very close to the one that Butch says in The Good Dinosaur.

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