10 Abandoned Jurassic Park/World Scenes That Fans Would Love To Have Seen

Monday, July 20, 2020

Jurassic Park and the Jurassic World movies are some of the biggest films of the past 25 years. Here are some cut scenes that fans would like to see.

After breaking new ground in 1993, The Jurassic films have had a long run, with five big-budget movies, a 10 minute short that went viral, and a sixth movie currently in production. Jurassic Park and the Jurassic World movies have become some of the biggest theatrical events in the past 25 years.

With such ambitious projects usually come planned scenes that for one reason or another end up on the cutting room floor, even ones that were in the final script. This started a tradition of scenes and ideas from previous movies being reworked into scenes for a sequel, while others are still deleted and have fans wishing for their return.

10 - The River Raft Chase From Jurassic Park

Despite plans and concept art for this scene straight out of the book, it was removed from the final script due to screenwriter David Koepp feeling the scene would have felt redundant in the end. However, it would be the inspiration for the Universal Studios Theme Park ride.

The sequence was going to feature Alan Grant, Lex, and Tim finding a river raft and using it to traverse through Isla Nublar with ease, looking at more dinosaurs. It would then become a dangerous scene when they drift by a sleeping Rexy who would wake up and chase the heroes through the water and into a lagoon.

9 - The Pteranodon Ambush From Jurassic Park III

The third film in the franchise became known for its troubled production, with the script being rewritten again and again, even while filming. Instead of the rushed and anti-climactic ending where the heroes are saved by the military, there was supposed to be a much longer action sequence that probably would have been the superior ending.

The scene would have featured Alan Grant discovering that it was the Pteranodons that killed the men who brought Eric Kirby. When the helicopters come, they are attacked by a flock of the pterosaurs leading to an intense and action-packed escape. This scene would be somewhat reworked into a scene in Jurassic World.

8 - Iris' Death From Fallen Kingdom

The tradition of scenes bring deleted continues even to the latest movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In the final movie, the caretaker Iris seems to just vanish altogether from the final act, but according to the actress and behind the scenes stills, she was originally going to fend off the Indoraptor to protect Maisie.

In a movie with so many satisfying villains kills, it would have helped sell the darker tone of the movie by having the main villainous monster kill the one decent person who cared for Maisie.

7 - Udesky's Fight Against The Raptors From Jurassic Park III

Remember the mercenary Udesky from the third movie? Most do not because his character seemed forgettable and just there to add to the body count. According to Jurassic Park Universe, Udesky was originally going to do more than just get killed by the pack of raptors.

Udesky was to have fallen but immediately grab a large branch to fend off the raptors who would overpower him before finishing him off. The only surviving evidence of this scene is a still image of Udesky holding the branch - yet another scene that probably would have made the movie have a better runtime.

6 - How The Baby Rex's Leg Was Broken In The Lost World

In the final cut, the seemingly more honorable character of Roland is believed to have broken the leg of the infant Tyrannosaur, but in a scene that was deleted, it was actually a drunken Peter Ludlow who stumbles and breaks its leg.

This scene would have worked in not only making audiences hate Ludlow even more, but also would have made his demise even more satisfying, seeing how the Buck cripples Ludlow by biting his leg, forcing him to try and crawl away before the infant finishes the job. Payback is a cruel mistress.

5 - Alternate Opening For Fallen Kingdom

What was already considered a great prologue to the movie that felt like a return to roots for the series with the stormy Rexy and Mosasaurus sequence was actually supposed to be completely different and was teased via early concept art from the film.

Whalers would be on the trail of a pod of poor mammals when both parties get attacked by the escaped marine reptile. A whale would be killed before the Mosasaurus would do battle with the massive boat, all before the title card would drop. This has led to many fans speculating and hoping the scene will be reworked into Jurassic World: Dominion.

4 - The Buck Attacking The Family In The Lost World

In the movie, the Buck Rex breaks into a suburban backyard to drink from a swimming pool, scaring the young boy in the house. This scene is played more for dark humor, as the parents look out the window to see their dog being eaten by the Buck and scream.

In the script and a deleted behind the scenes image, however, it was supposed to be even scarier, with the Rex breaking through the wall to scare the family. This scene was filmed but never released in any version of the movie.

3 - The Battle Of The Spinosaurus And The T-Rex In Fallen Kingdom

The battle between these two titan reptiles was so controversial in Jurassic Park III that it was even mocked in Jurassic World. Despite the controversy, there are fans who would like to not only see the Spinosaurus returned, but have a rematch with the veteran Rexy to prove who is the Queen of the Jurassic World.

This rematch almost happened in Jurassic World: Fallen Kindom. During the explosive escape of Isla Nublar's destruction: originally there was going to be a giant battle between Rexy and the Spinosaurus. This was replaced with the Carnotaurus and the Sinoceratops battle - yet another scene fans hope returns in Dominion.

2 - The Alternate Ending For Jurassic Park

When it comes to the first movie, the majority of viewers loved how it ended, but there were plans and even storyboards for an ending in which the Rex would chase after the heroes once defeating the raptor pack. This chase would have been used to build even more suspense as they escaped to the helicopter.

Rexy would have bitten down on the runner for the helicopter and attempted to pull it down, only for the helicopter to get free and fly away. This scene was reworked and retooled into the opening scene of Fallen Kingdom, with Rexy attacking the intruders on her island.

1 - The Super Raptor In The Lost World

Spielberg's sequel went through nine different drafts of the script during production, with many different ideas, including alternate endings and even more dinosaurs in a movie already filled with so many new ones, to begin with. But, there is one that has fans very curious about details.

According to Spielberg, there were plans for something called a Super Raptor, which Spielberg decided to remove because he felt it would have been too much of a horror movie and too much like an alien. However, Spielberg did include this Super Raptor in the form of the Indoraptor in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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