‘Jurassic Park’ Flashback: Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the 1993

Monday, December 19, 2016

‘Jurassic Park’ Flashback: Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the 1993

Take a look back at the movie that started it all: 1993’s ‘Jurassic Park.’ Steven Spielberg’s classic about test-tube dinosaurs on the rampage in a jungle theme park was a landmark in computer-generated visual effects and still remains one of the best action-adventure movies of all time.

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Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Steven Spielberg
Neill and Dern play the intrepid paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler, whose tour of Jurassic Park goes catastrophically awry.

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Joseph Mazzello and Steven Spielberg
Spielberg works with Joseph Mazzello, who plays Tim, one of park creator John Hammond’s grandchildren. “Steven wrote me a recommendation for USC to go to film school. Believe it or not, I got in,” the grown-up actor told People in 2013. “He’s been there for me throughout my life whenever I really needed him.”

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Steven Spielberg
Spielberg during the filming of ‘Jurassic Park.’ “My early exposure to all the leviathans of the Saturday matinee creature features inspired me, when I grew up, to make ‘Jurassic Park,’ Spielberg once said.

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Steven Spielberg
Spielberg poses between a pair of giant dinosaur feet in a publicity still. The director thought the movie’s fearsome T. rex was “the star of the movie.”

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Steven Spielberg
Spielberg wears a dino-appropriate T-shirt during the shoot.

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Steven Spielberg
Spielberg poses with a Triceratops puppet.

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Steven Spielberg
Spielberg on set. Last year, Dern described how the director would roar into a megaphone so the actors would know where to look during a scene.

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Richard Attenborough and Steven Spielberg
The late Richard Attenborough — who played park guru John Hammond — with Spielberg. A statue of Hammond is in the visitor’s center of the new park in ‘Jurassic World.’

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Jeff Goldblum, Steven Spielberg and Laura Dern
Jeff Goldblum, who plays mathematician Ian Malcolm, with Spielberg and Dern. In 2013, Dern told ‘Vanity Fair,’ “Not a week goes by that I’m not approached by someone about ‘Jurassic Park.’ That’s just something that people to love to talk about and continue to discover.”

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Steven Spielberg
Spielberg and team work on the scene with the sick Triceratops. At least seven puppeteers were required to operate the puppet.