Dinosaur Skeletons Sold For $3.4 Mil.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Two skeletons of late Jurassic period dinosaurs have been sold for over 2.8 million euros, or about 3.4 million dollars, at an auction in Paris.

The skeletons of a 12-meter-long Diplodocus and an Allosaurus with a length of 3.8 meters were put up for auction on Wednesday.

Both dinosaurs roamed the Earth more than 140 million years ago. About 40 percent of the allosaurus skeleton was missing, but it was completed after 6 months of restoration work.

The auctioneers say they were surprised by the high prices, as they had expected the 2 skeletons to sell for about 1.4 million dollars.

Sources say that dinosaur skeletons are mostly bought by museums in Europe and the United States.

They add that there has been an increase in purchases by wealthy Chinese collectors who appreciate their artistic qualities.

Source: www3.nhk.or.jp