Prehistoric Flora & Fauna

Tue, 2020-06-30

The age of the dinosaurs ended 66 million years ago with the ultimate bad day, not a prolonged period of climate change wrought by volcanic activity, according to new research.

Wed, 2020-06-24

An international team of geologists has found the first direct evidence that volcanic eruptions in the...

Thu, 2020-06-18

Paleontologists have identified a new genus and species of fern-like plant from a single fossilized specimen collected in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.

Tue, 2020-06-09

IMAGINE STANDING ON THE EDGE of a giant crater, knowing nothing about how this massive hole in the ground came to be. Or figuring out that a cataclysmic event like an asteroid hitting the Earth killed the dinosaurs, but having no visible...

Mon, 2020-06-01

A team of University of Rhode Island scientists and statisticians conducted a sophisticated quantitative analysis of a mass extinction that occurred 215 million years ago and found that the cause of the extinction was not an asteroid or climate change, as had...

Wed, 2020-05-27

A clear picture is emerging of why the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago was so catastrophic.

Thu, 2020-05-07

A species of plant that grew about 400 million years ago (Early Devonian period) produced a spectrum of spore sizes, which is an...

Tue, 2020-04-28

A large number of ferocious predators, including predatory dinosaurs, pterosaurs and crocodile-like creatures, made Sahara the most dangerous place on Earth, according to an analysis of fossils from the...

Sat, 2020-04-25

By casting an eye into the daily lives of dinosaurs millions of years in the past, Western researchers may be helping humanity get a glimpse of its future.

Thu, 2020-04-16

Mahogany is a commercially important wood, valued for its hardness and beauty. The United States is the world's top importer of the tropical timber from leading producers like Peru and Brazil. Unfortunately, mahogany is harvested illegally a lot of the time....