Sat, 2021-02-20

A team of geobiologists from Germany has found biologically-relevant primordial organic molecules and gases in fluid inclusions trapped in 3.5-billion-year-old barites from the Dresser mine, Marble Bar, Australia.

Wed, 2021-02-17

At the end of the Cretaceous period, about 66 million years ago, a 10-km impactor crashed into Earth near the site of the small town of Chicxulub in what is...

Tue, 2021-02-16

In the age of the dinosaurs, you could have walked from one pole to another. At that time, the continents were all joined together, forming the supercontinent Pangea. 

Wed, 2021-02-10

Paleontology has helped unearth some of the mysteries of the past. We know now how species sounded eons ago, how dinosaurs cared for their young, and many more. But one question that remains unsolved is, what color ancients beasts were? For years paleontologists...

Tue, 2021-02-09

In a new study led by Brown University, researchers have taken a new approach to reconstruct the movement of dinosaurs and other extinct animals. The experts developed a 3D imaging technique to investigate the...

Sun, 2021-02-07

Scientists probing a prehistoric crocodile group’s shadowy past have discovered a timeless truth – pore over anyone’s family tree long enough, and something surprising will emerge.

Fri, 2021-02-05

It dates back 50 million years, so this group may be twice as old as previously assumed.

Thu, 2021-02-04

Paleontologists in Argentina have discovered what they say is one of the oldest-known fossils of the ground sloth Megatherium.

Thu, 2021-02-04

These frills are made for flirting, and that's just what they'll do...

Tue, 2021-02-02

Paleontologists have found that Brindabellaspis stensioi, a species of long-beaked placoderm fish that lived...