Sat, 2017-11-11

It should be made clear that the skeletons of these avian progenitors were still typically dinosaur-like.

Sat, 2017-11-11

The collaboration of Utah paleontologists with Spanish and English researchers has led to identification of the correct familial relationships of the new Utah dinosaur.

Sat, 2017-11-11

Being diagnosed with cancer doesn’t necessarily carry the same weight as it did a few decades ago, and treatments today have increased the survival rates for many types of the disease dramatically.

Sat, 2017-11-11

But what if it’s wrong? What if the established dinosaur family tree is, well, a dinosaur?

Fri, 2017-11-03

The classification of the dinosaurs might seem to be too obscure to excite anyone but the specialists.

Sun, 2017-10-29

Sinosauropteryx prima was also countershaded, meaning that its body was darker on top and lighter underneath.

Fri, 2017-10-27

The skull and tail bones of the 152 million-year-old fossilized skeleton of the ichthyosaur, found for the first time in India, are missing.

Fri, 2017-10-27

Two fossils help provide new insight into the mysterious, and extinct, scimitar cat.

Thu, 2017-10-26

Bones from an Alvarezsaurid dinosaur were discovered in Uzbekistan and could shed light on the evolution and origin of the species, according to a new study.

Sun, 2017-10-22

Scientists have discovered a fossil of  a new species of Coelacanth fish in the Swiss Alps.