Wed, 2020-11-04

Build the park of your dreams, although this time you will have to take into account the dinosaurs that will live on the islands.

Tue, 2020-11-10

Colin Trevorrow and crew officially wrapped principal photography on Jurassic World: Dominion over the weekend.

Tue, 2020-11-10

Director Colin Trevorrow believes that the ongoing delays and troubled production have made Jurassic World: Dominion a richer experience.

Wed, 2020-11-11

Jurassic World: Dominion star Sam Neill celebrates the end of what he calls a "nigh-impossible" production after months of obstacles and delays.

Sat, 2020-11-14

You thought Jurassic Park was just a movie?


Tue, 2020-11-03

While most of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films are real, some are enhanced by fiction, and a few are wholly fictitious.

Sat, 2020-10-31

No sequel will match the dinosaur magic of Steven Spielberg's original Jurassic Park, but its franchise follow-ups have their breathtaking moments.

Sat, 2020-10-31

Jurassic World Evolution is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, and here's everything players should know before purchasing the game.

Fri, 2020-10-30

Indonesian conservationists have slammed plans to turn the home of endangered Komodo dragons into a Jurassic Park-style attraction, after a viral photo showing one of the giant reptiles sparked an online backlash over the development.

Fri, 2020-10-30

The award winning Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum in Winton has a stunning new attraction.