Wed, 2021-07-07

There are a lot of LEGO games. I mean, a lot. So many. Hell, every franchise has its own LEGO game now, save for the Real Housewives (unless...?). So where do you...

Mon, 2021-07-05

Independence Day writer Dean Devlin states that Jeff Goldblum's "must go faster" line is a reference to another of the actor's films: Jurassic Park.

Sat, 2021-07-03

The movie that changed the movie industry! That's how many refer to Jurassic Park, a franchise that has become a classic since the first movie....

Fri, 2021-07-02

The extinction of the dinosaurs is still hotly debated in the real world - but in Marvel Comics, it was caused by the creation of Thor's Mjolnir!

Thu, 2021-07-01

Dinosaurs in Texas? With Jurassic World: The Exhibition in Grandscape, you’d better believe it!

Wed, 2021-06-30

Hasbro has unveiled its latest crossover Transformers figures, this time mashing up the classic robot forms of the Transformers with alt-modes based on the original Jurassic Park, and they're great. Hasbro so...

Wed, 2021-06-30

The dinosaurs are the stars of the latest behind the scenes image from Jurassic World 3 - specifically, the practical models created for the film.

Tue, 2021-06-29

Jurassic World: Dominion will change this, but so far the Jurassic Park series has depicted dinosaurs the way the world imagines them: sans feathers.

Tue, 2021-06-29

These days, fossil collectors crave bones like fine art. In the last month, a tyrannosaurus tooth sold at auction for over $11,000. A double butterfly in amber sold at the same auction for almost $38,000.