Thu, 2021-09-16

These quick tips will help you earn more money fast in Jurassic World Evolution, so you can afford more dinosaurs.

Wed, 2021-09-15

What better representation of commercial failure and human folly than Jurassic Park III, the ugly duckling of...

Sun, 2021-09-12

Contracts can be a lucrate source of income in Jurassic World Evolution, here's what to look for and how to profit from contracts.

Tue, 2021-09-07

A new trademark filing by Universal City Studios found online may be a sign that Jurassic Park is getting yet another mobile game.

Sat, 2021-09-04

The word's largest known triceratops skeleton, 'Big John', will be up for auction on 21 October at Paris, where it is expected to fetch up to €1.5m.

Thu, 2021-09-02

Yeyuna's Jurassic Architect is now available on Steam and allows players to build their own high-tech colony in the dangerous age of dinosaurs.

Thu, 2021-09-09

Raising a dinosaur was never going to be a simple task. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping on top of your dino's needs, and keeping them happy.

Sun, 2021-08-15

For mostly direct-to-video kids movies, there’s a surprising amount of depth in the Land Before Time series, but will any of them beat the original...

Tue, 2021-08-10

Steven Spielberg's groundbreaking dinosaur-infested '90s blockbuster Jurassic Park remains just as thrilling and mind-blowing to this day.

Wed, 2021-09-29

One of Steven Spielberg’s most ambitious projects, this 1993 sci-fi action thriller had a seminal impact on the discourse of popular culture during the ’90s. ...