Thu, 2020-01-23

The Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World will be partly shot in Malta in May.

Wed, 2020-01-22

The movie will be released next year!

Tue, 2020-01-21

For almost 30 years, the Virginia Living Museum has been the dinosaur destination for dinosaur lovers everywhere, and 2020 promises to be the biggest year yet!

Mon, 2020-01-13

A dinosaur museum in Fukui Prefecture is set to receive a 9.4 billion yen ($86 million) facelift as the local government in the region known as Japan's fossil epicenter looks to boost visitor numbers by 50 percent.

Sun, 2020-01-12

Laura Dern is overjoyed that her Jurassic Park character Dr. Ellie Sattler is a feminist icon for women.

Wed, 2020-01-08

Budding paleontologists will be able to discover more about dinosaurs at a real-life Jurassic Park adventure world in Chongqing, China called Pu’an Dinosaur Geopark.

Sat, 2017-03-25

It's hard to believe that there ever were big ass creatures like dinosaurs living on the same planet humans inhabit today. Maybe that's why we have such a fascination with them, and why Jurassic Park captured our imagination for decades (which...

Fri, 2020-01-03

When Steven Spielberg made the Hollywood blockbuster, paleontologists didn't know much about the T. rex — only seven or eight skeletons existed in the fossil record. Since then, however, a dozen ...

Sat, 2019-12-21

Ever since the Jurassic Park franchise returned in 2015 with Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, one of the main criticisms of the most recent installments was an over-reliance on nostalgia.