Tue, 2020-07-14

There are few movie franchises quite as iconic as Jurassic Park. Steven Spielberg pushed filmmaking boundaries with his original 1993 movie, and the property was given new life thanks to the Jurassic World franchise....

Wed, 2020-07-15

Jurassic Park is a series about dinosaurs escaping their cells and eating humans, yet its best game was on the SNES 27 years ago. Here's why.

Sat, 2020-07-11

Jaw Drop Games reveals Deathground, a co-op survival horror game filled with carnivorous dinosaurs, now seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Fri, 2020-07-10

Colorado is a regular hotbed of dinosaur activity — or at least it was an eon or so ago when dinosaurs existed — which means our state has more unique dinosaur-related activities for kids, families and dino-loving adults than hadrosaurs had teeth. (For...

Thu, 2020-07-09

Jurassic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow discusses how the timing of Dominion's production shutdown wound up helping the upcoming movie.

Wed, 2020-07-08

Jurassic Park features a famous scene with a hefty pile of poop, and here's what the very convincing looking droppings were made from.

Mon, 2020-07-06

A cool (and expensive) new Jurassic Park collectible statue shows the infamous raptor pen breakout that the movie never showed. Clever girl!

Tue, 2020-07-07

Feeling a little stressed out due to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent self-quarantine? Here is a cool iPhone Google trick that will put a smile on your face.

Mon, 2020-07-06

Chris Pratt stayed true to his word and announced the new dinosaur meal.

Tue, 2020-07-07

A strange new piece of Jurassic Park fan art imagines the Park's creator, John Hammond, getting revenge by controlling a robotic T-Rex.