Wed, 2020-04-29

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is a forthcoming animated series that will release directly on Netflix. It is created by DreamWorks Animation, Scott Kreamer and Lane Lueras are the showrunners of the animated series.

Thu, 2020-04-30

The renowned Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, who was known worldwide for his roles in "Life of Pi" and "Jurassic World," has died at the age of 53.

Wed, 2020-04-22

Bad ideas are the fuel that makes good stories go. If characters in movies, books, television, etc. made good choices all the time, ...

Wed, 2020-04-22

It looks like a new game called Jurassic World Aftermath is in the works, and it may have ties to a previously canceled project.

Tue, 2020-04-21

Director Colin Trevorrow posts a behind the scenes photo from the Jurassic World: Dominion set, teasing the possibility of dinosaurs in the snow....

Sat, 2020-04-18

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in social distancing measures in nearly every part of the world, causing people to look for new and unusual forms of enjoyment. One family has taken their time in isolation to new heights, creating ...

Sun, 2020-04-19

After all these years, Jurassic Park is still one of the scariest adventures in movie history.

Fri, 2020-04-17

Since 2018, CIT Coin Invest has been issuing its series “Prehistoric Beasts”. After ...

Wed, 2020-04-15

Jurassic Park III gets a lot of flak, but looking back, a lot of it still stands up to scrutiny today.

Mon, 2020-04-13

Jurassic Park is known for its special effects, thrilling action sequences and of course, dinosaurs. But it's time to give the comedy its due too.