Dinosaurs – Species Encycolpedia

Tue, 2020-09-01

How do you weigh a long-extinct dinosaur? There are a couple of ways, as it turns out, neither of which involve actual weighing—but according to a new study, different approaches still yield strikingly similar results.

Sat, 2020-08-29

Scelidosaurus harrisonii, an armored dinosaur that lived around 193 million years ago (Early...

Fri, 2020-08-14

Experts have identified the fossil of a right ilium as that of an ankylosaurus, and named the new species Sinankylosaurus zhuchengensis, according to the Dinosaur Research Center of Zhucheng.

Thu, 2020-08-13

A new genus and species of theropod dinosaur from the Cretaceous period has been identified...

Thu, 2020-08-13

Updated evolutionary tree and biomechanical estimates of feathered dinosaurs and early birds show powered flight may have evolved in these animals at least three different times.

Wed, 2020-07-29

The new dinosaur, scientifically named Lusovenator santosi, lived in what is now Portugal between 153 and 145 million years ago (...

Tue, 2020-07-21

Paleontologists in China have found the fossilized fragments from a new genus and species of non-sauropodan sauropodomorph dinosaur that walked our planet approximately 195 million years ago (Early...

Fri, 2020-07-17

The first fossilized signs of sequential molting support the idea that Microraptor was a flyer....

Fri, 2020-07-17

A new genus and species of long-necked herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the Triassic period has been identified from fossils found in northern Switzerland...

Wed, 2020-07-15

Paleontologists have announced the discovery of a new genus and species of coelurosaurian dinosaur, Aratasaurus museunacionali, from the Romualdo Formation in the Araripe Basin, Brazil.