Dinosaurs – Species Encycolpedia

Tue, 2021-08-24

Paleontologists have analyzed the morphology of the neurovascular canal in the well-preserved jaw of Tyrannosaurus rex...

Tue, 2021-08-17

Paleontologists have identified two new species of giant herbivorous dinosaurs from fossils found in the Turpan-Hami Basin, Xinjiang, northwestern China.

Wed, 2021-08-11

Paleontologists in Brazil have unveiled a new species of unenlagiine dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the Maastrichtian age of the Cretaceous period....

Thu, 2021-07-22

The Cretaceous-period hadrosaurid dinosaur Bonapartesaurus rionegrensis had a foot tumor and two painful fractures in the vertebrae of its tail, according to a new study....

Tue, 2021-07-13

A new genus and species of styracosternan hadrosaurid dinosaur has been identified from a fossilized jawbone found in the Spanish province of Castellón.

Wed, 2021-07-14

Researchers have determined that a fossil found in the layers of a local beach is the shoulder blade of a 9-meter-long ornithopod dinosaur, one of the largest in Japan and possibly a new species.

Tue, 2021-09-07

Birds aren’t descended from dinosaurs. They are dinosaurs.

Sun, 2021-07-11

Birds aren’t descended from dinosaurs. They are dinosaurs.

Sat, 2021-06-19

New research suggests that as T. rex rose to dominance, their young took over the ecological role of...

Sat, 2021-06-12

It is time to meet Australotitan cooperensis, a new species of giant sauropod from Eromanga in southwest...