Sat, 2020-04-25

Of the three species depicted – Megalosaurus, Hylaosaurus and...

Tue, 2020-04-21

A study published by the magazine Scientific Reports in which they are analyzed virtual reconstructions of sauropod dinosaurs points out that part of the evolutionary success that led them to be the largest animals that have ever stepped on...

Thu, 2020-04-16

Over the years, paleontologists have been able to uncover many mysteries about human ancestors from unearthed skeletal remains....

Thu, 2020-04-16

Engineers often look to insects and birds when tackling new aerospace challenges such as drone stability. Until now, they have largely ignored another key group with potential solutions, claims researcher Liz Martin-Silverstone – dinosaurs.

Sat, 2020-04-11

Powerful X-ray beams at the European Synchrotron in France allowed an international team of researchers to study some of the world’s oldest and well-preserved dinosaur embryos and reconstruct them in 3D.

Fri, 2020-04-10

The 2-million-year-old skull fragment was mixed among fossils of two other extinct human species in Africa's 'Cradle of Humankind'

Fri, 2020-04-10

There were two early monkey lineages in South America, not one. One lineage became the adorable platyrrhini and one went extinct.

Sat, 2020-04-04

There’s been an ongoing dispute over what was the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur.

Sat, 2020-04-04

An international team of paleontologists and geologists has uncovered well-preserved fossilized roots, pollen and spores of 90-million-year-old (mid-Cretaceous...

Fri, 2020-04-03

If you cut open a fossil dinosaur bone, you can see lines, just like if you were looking at rings in a tree. Trees rings happen when a tree grows slowly in a tough season like an icy cold winter. You can count the rings to see how many winters that tree has lived...