Wed, 2021-04-28

An international team of scientists has recovered and analyzed partial mitochondrial genomes from 1,300-1,400-year-old specimens of Voay robustus, a recently extinct species of ‘horned’ crocodile that...

Tue, 2021-04-27

Powered flight in animals—that uses flapping wings to generate thrus—is a very energetically demanding mode of locomotion that requires many anatomical and physiological adaptations. In fact, the capability to develop it has only appeared four times in the...

Tue, 2021-04-27

New research addresses longstanding mystery on the anatomy of the Tyrannosaurus rex jaw.

Tue, 2021-04-27

Sunny forests morphed into the dark, dense ones that are typical today.


Sun, 2021-04-25

Here's an adorable, if wholly hypothetical, thought: two dinosaurs in love. Jim Henson's anthropomorphic sitcom "Dinosaurs" comes to mind. But what exactly would dinosaur mating look like — in the real world, not on TV? ...

Sat, 2021-04-24

An international team of paleontologists has examined a collection of 72.5-million-year-old tyrannosaur — probably Albertosaurus — footprints from...

Sat, 2021-04-24

Flying “Wing Lizards” with necks as long as a giraffe’s and a fearsome predator not named T rex. are among five fascinating dinosaur findings.

Thu, 2021-04-22

Tyrannosaurs — theropod dinosaurs that lived in what is now North America and Asia between 100 and 66 million years ago (...

Tue, 2021-04-20

Ferocious tyrannosaur dinosaurs may not have been solitary predators as long envisioned, but more like social carnivores such as wolves, new research unveiled Monday found.

Wed, 2021-04-21

Mosasaurus and other mosasaurs ruled the seas for millions of years.