Prehistoric Art By Simon Stalenhag

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prehistoric Art By Simon Stalenhag

Are you ready for some Dinosaur inspired art? You better be, because today we present to you prehistoric art by Simon Stålenhag!

Simon is a Swedish artist who has done a lot of images based on dystopian and sci-fi concepts. He seems to have a passion for art involving machines/robots. This time, however, he focused on the past instead of the future. His collection titled Paleoartis a series of images featuring Jurassic lifeforms including dinosaurs. They were produced to be presented at the Fossils and Evolution exhibition in the Natural History Museum in Stockholm.

Make sure to let us know what you think about these vivid pieces of art in the comments!

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Stroll on the sand


Lonely Savannah


Cutting the waves


The pack moves


Faint Silhouette


Brief Oasis


Nocturnal Appetite


Underwater Hunt




Flying above the waves


Avoiding Detection


Free Fall


Wavy Breakfast


Game for three


Setting Sun


The bigger lizard


Deserted Destination



Prehistoric Elegance



Drowing in mud




Rock of rocks