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Wed, 2019-04-24

The central issue is one that should be familiar to any Indiana Jones fan: Where does a specimen belong once it has been dug up?

Tue, 2019-04-23

Icons come and go, especially when it comes to the star-studded pantheon of dinosaurs.

Mon, 2019-04-22

Andre Lujan loves fossils. Spend any amount of time at his museum "Texas Through Time" in Hillsboro and this paleontologist will fill your head with more dinosaur facts than you may be able to retain. And now Lujan has even more to tea...

Sat, 2019-04-20

But just like Jeff Goldblum returned to the role of Ian Malcolm last summer, we could also see the return of some gone-but-not-forgotte...

Sat, 2019-04-20

Almost all kids love dinosaurs—and for good reason. After all, these beautiful giants were in charge of our planet at one point.

Fri, 2019-04-19

Select to control the dinosaurs or the humans and let battle commence in this Jurassic Park light strategy game.

Fri, 2019-04-19

In an Antarctic expedition, researchers have discovered a fossilized dinosaur footprint approximately 200 million years old. 

Fri, 2019-04-19

A site containing the 220-million-year-old fossilized remains of nearly a dozen dinosaurs has been discovered in western Argentina.

Sat, 2019-04-20

A gigantic meat-eating mammal has been discovered — after its jaw, portions of its skull, and parts of its skeleton spent several decades sitting in a museum.

Thu, 2019-04-18

Robert DePalma and Dr. Anton Oleinik teach paleontology at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. In their spare time, they're making earth-shattering discoveries in North Dakota about the day 66 million years ago when an...