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Fri, 2019-06-07

Scientists at the University of Bristol have found evidence of feathers in a dinosaur that existed 80 million years before birds, a discovery that changes how we look at dinosaurs, birds and feathers themselves.

Thu, 2019-06-06

In the summer of 1993, Steven Spielberg sent Jurassic Park stomping into theaters, and audiences weren’t prepared for its exciti...

Thu, 2019-06-06

Giant beavers (members of the genus Castoroides) inhabited North America throughout the mid- to late...

Thu, 2019-06-06

The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils -- Deep Time at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, reopened June 8, after being closed for the past five years.

Mon, 2019-05-20

The original snake ancestor was a nocturnal, stealth-hunting predator that had tiny hindlimbs with ankles and toes, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology.

Fri, 2019-02-01

While it’s impossible for any scientists or artist to say that their understanding or recreation of a dinosaur is 100% accurate, science gets closer to this goal as new discoveries are made. Let’s take some time to dive in and see how...

Fri, 2019-06-07

Netflix has ordered the animated series “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous,” inspired by the multi-billion dollar “Jurassic Park” film...

Wed, 2019-06-05

DINOSAURS were covered in feathers at least 100 million years before the first birds took flight, archaeologists at Bristol University has spectacularly...

Tue, 2019-06-04

Paleontologists in Australia have identified a previously unknown plant-eating dinosaur from the mid-Cretaceous. Remarkably, the f...

Tue, 2019-06-04

Academics used to tease paleontologists, saying that while dinosaurs appeal to children, they won’t answer the important evolutionary questions.

Yale’s John Ostrom (1928-2005) proved them wrong....