Sat, 2019-05-18

Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites in the family Cimicidae. A multinational research team led by University of Sheffield, the University Museum Bergen and Dresden University has compared the DNA of dozens...

Fri, 2019-05-17

Nearly 300 million years ago, in a sandy desert now preserved as Coconino Sandstone at Grand Canyon National Park, some creatures walked across an area left moist very likely by an oasis. Those tracks, revealed today in a remote area of the national park, likely...

Wed, 2019-05-15

Researchers in Germany have unearthed a new species of flying dinosaur that flapped its wings like a raven and could hold vital clues as to how modern-day birds evolved from their...

Wed, 2019-05-15

An international team of paleontologists has found a piece of amber containing the beautifully preserved ammonite, several marine and land organisms that lived 99 million years ago (...

Wed, 2019-05-15

The Department of Mineral Resources says dinosaur fossils have been discovered at Phra Prong water reservoir in Tambon Chong Kum in Wattana Nakhon district of Sa Kaeo province.

Sun, 2019-05-12

New Mexico college students are using drones to help map the location of dinosaur tracks at a state park, the latest project to use drone technology to gather data from historical sites in the American West.

Thu, 2019-05-09

Statistical analysis of fossil data shows that it is unlikely that Australopithecus sediba, a nearly two-million-year-old, apelike fossil from South Africa, is the direct ancestor of Homo, the genus to which modern-day...

Tue, 2019-05-07

Extreme fluctuations in atmospheric oxygen levels corresponded with evolutionary surges and extinctions in animal biodiversity during the...

Wed, 2019-05-08

Paleontologists from Saint Petersburg State University have unearthed the remains of giant herbivorous dinosaurs in Yakutia’s Suntar Region, and this discovery may change the current view on ancient pangolins, expert Pavel Skuchas told TASS.

Wed, 2019-05-08

Osborne found the Ediscetus osbornei whale was a type of whale that wasn't too large, yet the skull told a story about it's feeding behavior.