Sat, 2019-02-23

Paleontologists have unveiled a remarkable new species of tyrannosauroid dinosaur from the Cretaceous period: a small relative of ...

Fri, 2019-02-22

'Prince Edward Island holds Canada’s only fossil record of life on land in the Permian period'

Fri, 2019-02-22

Were you aware that some of the most beautiful (and informative) fossils out there are actually made of poop?

Thu, 2019-02-21

According to new research published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, land animal diversity has been similar for at least the last 60 million years...

Fri, 2019-02-22

Paleontologists have uncovered a new species of marsupial that lived during the Cretaceous period above the Arctic Circle, the farthest north marsupials have...

Sat, 2019-02-16

Paleontologists in Tanzania have found fossil fragments from a new species of giant dinosaur that walked the Earth approximately 100 million years ago (Cretaceous...

Wed, 2019-02-13

Organisms lived on the bottom of the sea 2.1 billion years ago.

Sun, 2019-02-10

DINOSAURS would have evolved to become as intelligent as humans if they had not been cheated of their destiny by an asteroid...

Fri, 2019-02-08

What traits distinguish one dinosaur from another? For many, that question probably conjures characteristics like the massive jaws of tyrannosaurs, the...

Tue, 2019-02-05

Delicate fossils reveal a new look for pterosaurs.