Dinosaurs – Species Encycolpedia

Tue, 2017-09-05

The ancient creature lived in what is now Mongolia during the Campanian, the fifth of six ages of the Late Cretaceous epoch.

Sun, 2017-08-27

Altirhinus was an ornithischian dinosaur that existed on the earth in the early Cretaceous Period.

Sun, 2017-08-27

Yingshanosaurus is a genus of stegosaurian dinosaur from the Late ...

Fri, 2017-08-25

A new species of long-necked titanosaurian dinosaur has been unearthed in southwestern Tanzania.

Fri, 2017-08-18

Combat and cannibalism were no strangers to tyrannosaurs, suggest the remains of a tortured dino victim. 

Thu, 2017-08-17

A BIZARRE dinosaur which looked like a raptor but was in fact a vegetarian may be the ‘missing link’ between plant eaters and meat eaters such as Tyrannosaurus rex.

Thu, 2017-08-17

The images detail the dinosaur’s brain and sinus cavities, the pathways of some nerves and blood vessels and teeth that formed but never emerged.

Thu, 2017-08-17

Scientists have discovered the fossil skull of a tiny horned dinosaur. The cat-sized dinosaur is the oldest known horned dinosaur from North America. It is named Aquilops americanus.

Sun, 2017-08-13

Sinraptor is a genus of theropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic.

Thu, 2017-08-10

Rajasaurus is known only from the Indian Peninsula.