Debunking Myths of the Velociraptor


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    Peter Whitaker

    Most of the mistakes made in the films came from Michael Crichton’s original novel on which they were based. Although a scientist himself, at least before his writing career took off, Crichton employed ‘artistic licence’ to bend some truth’s. The obvious example of this is that he wanted to use Deinonychus but preferred the name Velociraptor because Americans like to reduce words, hence the Velociraptors quickly become known simply as ‘raptors’ in both the book and the films. This did not work very well with Deinonychus!
    Thanks for the reminder though and I still enjoy watching the Jurassic Park movies.

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    Maybe you are right, but the dinosaurs in Jurassic park films are based but not actually identical. As they have said in the films, they mixed the DNA with other species of various animals i.e. Frogs. What would explain the lack of feathers and engineered there DNA. So really they can make them whatever size, change there bone structure to suit whatever it is they have created. In fact in the most recent film I believe they say that they are not dinosaurs at all but mere imitation monsters they have cooked up in the lab. That’s my opinion any, just thought I would state that they do cover there backs by saying this.

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