Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded or Cold-Blooded?


Because dinosaurs are classified as reptiles, one might assume that they are cold blooded, but some scientists suggest that dinosaurs may have been somewhere between cold and warm blooded. Though most animals fall into either category, there have been some intermediary species known to science, with dinosaurs potentially being one of this number.

Dinosaurs as mesotherms by John Grady


The lack of certainty and the assertion that dinosaurs may have been neither warm nor cold blooded stems from the fact that birds, which may be the dinosaurs’ closest living relatives, are warm blooded, unlike modern reptiles, which are cold blooded. There is also evidence to suggest that dinosaurs had faster metabolisms than cold-blooded animals typically have.

Source: SciNews


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    Charles Poynton

    Even bees are “warm blooded” They keep their brood in the hive at about 32°- 35° through summer and winter, even in icy continental conditions like Minnesota in January. They huddle together in the hive on cold nights, emerging only when it is warm and sunny.

    If bees can do it, why not dinosaurs?

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    Lonesome Twin

    Got to say this is a weak answer to a complicated and much debated subject. It deserves a full article.

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